Night Of The Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman



Dan's Mom

Dan's Dad





Arthur's mom

Arthur's dad

Ronnie vae

Aunt Goldie

Belle Smiley

Grandma Hatch

Grandpa Hatch

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Promblem and solution

1.The tornado is coming.

2.They got Ryan and made there way to the basement.

1.Dan could not find his parents.

2.He started searching for them.


In Night of the Twisters Dan starts out having a normal day. He and Arthur are at Dan's house for dinner. Before they know it they were home alone. The tornado sirens were going off. Dan got Ryan and Dan,Arthur, and Ryan were heading to the basement. The tornado when right over them. After they could not hear the tornado they tried to make their way out of the house. Dan found his mom near Mrs. Smileys house. Dan's mom headed on a bus full of survivors to a Kmart where the had food, water, and supplies. Dan, Arthur, and Stacy made their way to Mrs.Smileys to see if she is alive. They found Mrs. Smiley asleep on her couch. They made there way back to the bus. The bus was full but one young man stepped of the bus for Mrs. Smiley to have a seat. After the bus headed to the rest of the people got put in police cars. The cop car Dan, Arthur, and Stacy where in headed down a street then bam. A tornado lifted the cop car into the air a couple feet. The cop car slammed into the ground. Glass shattered every where in the cop car there where three of us on the floor of the car. When we made it to the sheriffs office we got out and the four of us Dan, Arthur, Stacy, And Kelly. Walked inside and that night we where put in a jail cell the sleep in for the night. The next morning the coast guard choppers flew over to view the damage they where amazed. One year later when we all where at my grandpa's farm and a severe weather alert went off again we made are way to the storm seller and waited.


The setting of this book is in Grand Island Nebraska. The Omaha zoo is located in Grand island Nebraska. Grand Island is know for growing corn, soy beans, and wheat. The state bird can be located in Grand Island, Nebraska.