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MHS Student Newsletter - December 2020

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Make sure you are checking into every class like you would if you were at school.

This isn't like last spring, you have to earn your marks!

If you don't know what's going on, email your teachers. Don't fall behind.

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Last month of service

MHS has been blessed with four great student teachers this semester. They have come from all over southern Alberta - Medicine Hat, Barnwell, Lethbridge and Calgary to work with our students. Sadly not everyone got to be in one of their classes, and even worse not everyone got to say goodbye because of COVID. Our Rocket staff was able to meet with each one of them though before COVID sent us home to chat about them and their time at MHS.

Mr. Burdett

by Geran

A student who is becoming a teacher has come to Magrath to learn how to be a teacher.

Mr. Burdett is from Lethbridge and is attending the University Of Lethbridge. He is almost done with his practice of being a teacher and will be done after the summer. He was asked Why do you want to be a teacher ? In which he responded with “It has been very rewarding and I have been very lucky to have all my colleagues around me and a perfect situation.” Mr. Burdett teaches Physical Education, Outdoor Education, and Science. Mr. Burdett has been a fine addition to the Magrath High School and the students here have enjoyed his stay at the school. It will be a sad day when he leaves at Christmas break.

Miss Fritzke

by Ryan

Miss Fritzke is Mr. Strate's student teacher. You may have seen her lots around the gym and Mr. Strate's classroom. She teaches physical education for Grades 7, 8, and 9 and teaches Social Studies for Grade 7. Miss Fritzke is from Medicine Hat. She is a student at the University of Lethbridge and is graduating on December 18th, 2020 so very soon. She wanted to become a teacher to help kids and to make a positive impact on their lives. She loves teaching and working with teens and kids. According to Miss Fritzke, Magrath has been the best experience of her life. We will miss her!

Miss Wood

by Alenna,

MHS was able to have Miss Wood, one of the many amazing student teachers school this year. She is from Barnwell and the University of Alberta. She will graduate in the spring of 2021. Her major is mathematics and minor is physical education. While at our school she worked with Grade 7s in science and math.

Being early on in her education she wasn’t here as long as the other student teachers, but she still found a place for Magrath in her heart.

“My time at Magrath was short lived but I was still able to see an appreciate so much. The teachers really do have the students best interest in mind. I loved how each of the teachers could tell me about their students (a perk of a small town school). I feel that the school encourages creativity and that pushed me as a teacher. I love the atmosphere of this school. It’s crazy and loud but I wouldn’t change it. Everyday everyone there is learning something new. Whether that be something to do with one of the subjects in school or something completely unrelated. The learning and growing process is the most rewarding process there is and to get to be apart of that everyday for so many students is a gift.”

Miss Vacey

by Ellarose

Miss Vacey is from Calgary, Alberta and is attending the University of Lethbridge. She will graduate and will hopefully become a teacher soon after April. After graduation Miss Vacey will be able to teach English. Miss Vacey has been working with Mr. Gilson teaching grade 8 English and Social Studies. She told us that she wants to be like a teacher she had growing up. She also said that she wants to be able to support her students and help them reach their dreams. She said that Magrath is an amazing beautiful community and she is so grateful for the experience here.

Dear Georgina,

During my prison term of school being shut down again. I wanted to ask you how do I keep myself mentally and physically healthy?

Dear The Clinically Assessed, back when I was a teenager in middle school and high school I was not the most mentally healthy or physically healthy either. As I grew older I realized that even if you don’t want to do something you have to force yourself to do whatever it is you don’t want to do. Even if it's something as simple as not wanting to leave your own house. Don't be scared to talk to your parents or another adult. The key to being all around healthy is being active, doing what you enjoy, eating right, and maintaining good hygiene. And that means you eat breakfast lunch and dinner you take showers everyday and if you need to do something special to your body for undisclosed reasons then do that as well and if you enjoy running then go and run even with covid if your scared of someone getting on your case then wear a mask while running. Trust me you will get through this and you will look back at it and see yourself as an achiever. I sure do after going through the Spanish plague.

Sincerely, Georgina.

******************** STUDENTS **************************

Make sure you are checking into every class like you would if you were at school.

This isn't like last spring, you have to earn your marks!

If you don't know what's going on, email your teachers. Don't fall behind.


by Devon

A Horoscope is a forecast of a person's future, typically including a delineation of character and circumstances, based on the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of that person's birth.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Dec. 21) Sagittarius are extremely loyal in their beliefs and are very diverse. They are very goal oriented and are determined to complete their task at hand. They also try to learn as much knowledge as humanly possible. They are also pretty social. A Sagittarius is optimistic and is always looking on the bright side. If you know any Sagittarius they are probably the smartest person you know. They are very social and have a lot of friends. A weakness that Sagittarius have is they are impatient. Overall Sagittarius are independent and can take care of themselves. They love to learn new things and keep their goals in mind. They also have a good set of friends nearby.

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Movie Review - Clouds

by Ellarose

Clouds is a movie that is based off of true events. Zach Sobiech is a teenage boy who is fighting for his life as he has cancer.

He has big dreams of producing music and performing them to a big crowd. As normal high school kids do Zach started dating a girl by the name of Amy. Zach and his best friend Sammy wrote a song and called it “Clouds” they recorded it and posted it on youtube. Their song blew up and they got to professionally record it. Will Zach’s dreams of singing in front of a crowd come true? As Zach’s cancer is getting worse he doesn't know if he will make it to his prom and graduation. The Metro Theater wanted Zach And Sammy to perform their song together. Will this be the last time Zach can Perform his song live?

Zach Sobiech was played by Fin Argus.

Sammy Brown was played by Sabrina Carpenter.

Amy Adamle was played by Madison Iseman.

The movie Clouds has a 4.9/5 rating

I'm not a really big movie watcher, but after I heard so many things about this movie I thought I would give it a watch. And let me tell you I do not regret it at all! I don't know the last time I watched a movie that made me laugh and cry so hard. The acting was so well done in this movie. This is probably one of my favorite movies at the moment. I totally recommend you go and watch it.

Survey results

In November we asked three questions:

1. With COVID, do you think we will still be in school in December?

2. When should a Christmas tree be allowed to be put up?

3. With it being their 10-year reunion this summer, do you think One Direction will get back together?

We had some great foresight to ask the December school question eh?

Below is the breakdown of the answers we received.

New student

by Ryan

We have many new students this year at MHS and we hope to introduce all of them to you.

This is James Wright.

James moved to Magrath from Elkford, B.C. He's in grade 10 and loves Magrath so far. In the words of James "Magrath is pretty epic." Some of James' hobbies are modelling, sports preferably basketball, kite surfing and making music. James is really amazing at guitar and plays in his free time. Welcome James and his family.

Last month of 2020 - thank goodness - get it over with


7-12 - Grad photos

18 - Last day of classes


4 - Online school for one more week

11- Back to school at school

(watch for more info on school website)

Rocket scoreboard

Volleyball wrapped up for another year. Basketball started and then got shut down due to COVID, hopefully it will be back up and running in January.

MHS TV becomes a reality

As quick as it started, it was shut down.

The journalism students created their own MHS TV Broadcast a week before the school was shut down due to COVID. They had a weather report, entertainment news, happy birthday shout outs plus much more.

Here is the link to the broadcast and pictures of our crew. Hopefully school will be back in sooner than later and we can get to Episode 2.

Have a great holiday break

May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill. May the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we look forward to seeing you in 2021.