My Life

OVO Jord in the cut

Dear Jordan,

I want you to be a successful surgeon, make a lot of money, and have a hot wife. Mom and dad say that I am awesome. Brittany ate all of the chocolate in the freezer and I cried. Mom just got me a new sword and it's not sharp enough. So, she bought me a whole thing of my favorite snack goldfish.

Stay Awesome!


Toys from my childhood

Not a dark place

I do not believe that the world is a dark place. I actually like the world and the coincidences and experiences that happen. If the world is a dark place, maybe I will realize it on day but I hope I never do.
These Worries (Edited)

A Connotation Of Infinity

a connotation of infinity

sharpens the temporal splendor of this night

when souls which have forgot frivolity
in lowliness,noting the fatal flight
of worlds whereto this earth’s a hurled dream

down eager avenues of lifelessness

consider for how much themselves shall gleam,
in the poised radiance of perpetualness.
When what’s in velvet beyond doomed thought

is like a woman amorous to be known;
and man,whose here is alway worse than naught,
feels the tremendous yonder for his own—

on such a night the sea through her blind miles

of crumbling silence seriously smiles


A Connotation Of Infinity by jordanshervan
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Snapchat quality photo of me looking fly.

OVO Jord

My life represented in a vision board. My family, religion, friends, and love for sports.
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Dear my 5 year old self,

Don't worry about anything bro you'll be fine. Life is still fun and you will always love goldfish and video games. Stay close to your family and friends and you will be set for life. Keep on loving sports and sticking to the things you love to do.

Good luck!