The Daily Heat

Get your fans, the heat is coming!

Depend on us to independently tell you all that you need to know about global warming!

Welcome to the daily heat! This week we will be covering what causes global warming. We will have five different causes, listed 1 by 1.

Now, to start off, here is an interesting fact: did you know that the amount of methane in the atmosphere depends on the amount of gas powered automobiles in use? Shocking, right? The more gas powered automobiles, the more methane in the atmosphere.

As cool as that was, we are just getting started. Get ready to be blown away by all the other facts we have. Our second relationship is: the temperature of the earth depends on the amount of methane in the atmosphere. Who would've thought? The more methane, the higher the temperature.

now, as cool as that may have sounded, I hope you are ready to be amazed, because these facts will be mind blowing. Now, did you now that the temperature of the earth depends on the amount of cattle living worldwide? This is because, well.... cattle and cow farts are the main cause of methane worldwide. Not only that, but our top secret statistics have showed us even more accurate data: for every 50 million cattle on the planet since 1960, the temperatures have raised by 0.1 degrees Celsius.

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-George B. Kolev

editor in chief