Open House Smore

Max's 6th Grade Science Reflection

Earthquakes PBL

This year, our first project was the Tony Stark Earthquakes PBL project. We designed an earthquake proof house for Tony Stark. The driving question was, "How can we, structural engineers construct a two story house in California that can withstand seismic activity?" My idea was to create a two story house with popsicle sticks and toothpicks. I used strings to make the 2nd floor. I had a fun time coming up with ideas and collaborating with others.

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

One of our most important projects, was the Atmosphere 30 Hands Project. Each student, wrote a script, created a slide, and narrated about the Atmosphere. There was a certain topic for each slide, whether it was about Global Warming or anything else. It was awkward narrating my voice, but overall, it was enjoyable. It took us time, but it was worth it. I learned new things about the atmosphere, which was really important.

Invention Convention

Our invention solved the problem of droughts. Our idea was that instead of the water from the storm drains sending it to the ocean we reused the water. We used a wind turbine to change the direction, and used our invention which was a super advanced huge water filter to filter the rain water. Then, we would send it to a facility, where it would add things to clean the water more. Then, we can reuse the water and use it for something else. We would have more water, and hopefully, it every storm drain had this system, the problem of droughts would go away.

Favorite Unit

This year my favorite unit was erosion, weather, and deposition. It was fun, since we got to learn about something that was really common. It was fun visually learning it, by experimenting. The experiments were realistic, which helped me learn more. I liked the lab, where we had water and sand and we rolled it down a slide. We got to see how it moved the sand. I even got a good grade in the test! Overall, it was a great unit.