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Basic Information

Pennsylvania is one of the middle colonies. It was founded by William Penn and the world Pennsylvania means, "Penn's woods". This great colony of Pennsylvania was founded for religious freedom in 1681.


Relations between the settlers and Indians are pretty good. We were at peace and we had a treaty with the Indians. We tricked them into getting 1,200,000 acres of land which they were not happy about. British Military forces came into conflict with the Indians during the French-Indian war. They were fighting for control of the Ohio Country.


In 1790, there are a total of 434,373 people, 3,737 of which are slaves. There is no typical type of person in Pennsylvania because everyone is welcome! James Buchanan is the only president from Pennsylvania.

Economy & Government____________________

Pennsylvania has an appointed governor, an council to create laws, and an assembly to approve those laws. We also governed over Delaware until the Revolutionary War. After the Revolutionary War we were an independent state based on Republican qualities. Our economy is based off of agriculture like wheat, corn, cattle, and dairy. It is all based off of manufacturing such as textiles, paper-making, and ship building.

______________________American Revolution

Philadelphia served as the capital for awhile. It was until a British threat was detected and we moved the capital to Baltimore. After the threats were gone the capital moved back. The Constitutional Convention was drafted in Pennsylvania. General Washington also kept his troops in Valley Forge, which is 20 miles north of Philadelphia.

Interesting Facts________________________

-One man ran over 70 miles in 2 days to gain land from the Indians

-Benjamin Franklin made the first zoo in Pennsylvania

-The first American flag was made by Betsy Ross in Pennsylvania

-The first newspaper was published in Philadelphia on September 21, 1784