Chromebook FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: I received a letter stating that I owe for damages for my device.

    • Answer: The letter is addressed “To the parents of…” Please allow your parent/guardian to review the information and if any questions arise, they can contact the front office to speak with your assigned assistant principal or Mr. Johnson.

  • Question: Has my Chromebook been repaired?

    • Answer: After an insurance claim has been approved, parts will be shipped for your device to be repaired. Mr. Johnson will then deliver the device to you after repairs are completed.

  • Question: My Chromebook charger has either been misplaced or stolen. May I have another one?

    • Answer: Yes. After $25 has been paid to the front office.

  • Question: I lost my Chromebook or believe someone stole it. What’s next?

    • Answer: “If the device is stolen and the student reports the theft (within 48 hours or the next school day) and a police report is filed, then the User Fee will provide coverage.” One Vision Student/Parent Handbook

  • Question: Mr. Johnson, a student that has damaged their device before me, has received theirs back. Where’s mine?

    • Answer: Chromebooks are not repaired in the order they were received. Once parts arrive on-site, I then check for claims that have been approved based on the supplies that come such as: LCD, Bezel (glass screen), Keyboard & DC Jack. Also, please check with me to verify if you owe for Chromebook damages.

  • Question: My device has a burnt smell, will not charge, turn on and/or remains at 1%. What do I need to do?

    • Answer: See Mr. Johnson. An Eduphoria ticket is not required by your teacher, but you will need an approval to see me. If I am not in my office, return to class. After troubleshooting your device, warranted part(s) will be ordered from Dell.

  • Question: My Chromebook is working fine, no damages, but I do not want it.

    • Answer: Your Chromebook is required for your academic classes. You must have parent and administrator approval prior to checking in your Chromebook early for reasons other than withdrawal or transfer.