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Every Mother Counts and Stella & Dot

I am thrilled to announce our new partnership with Every Mother Counts!!!

~287,000 women die each year due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth
~that's 2 every minute
~of those deaths 98% our preventable with the right care

These numbers shocked me! How can you help? 1) watch this video & pass it along to help educate others 2) through the purchase of our new Enlighten bracelet!!!

Just click the link here:

I have personally made a goal to sell 20 of these bracelets by the end of July and 100 by the end of the year! Then I, along with you, will have helped cover the necessary supplies to put 2 midwives though school! One bracelet will provide a women with transportation to and from necessary healthcare so know that your purchase is making a difference!

As a women I feel it is our duty to help these women get the care they need! Purchase your bracelet (only $39) here:

Please invite anyone to join in this cause. The more the merrier!

Jennifer Bitar, Stella & Dot Star Stylist

As a mother to a fabulous little girl, Blake Sophie. I had a complicated birth and without the help and current healthcare; my daughter and I most likely would not have made it. I am SO thankful for all the guidance and health attention I received I want other mothers to have the ability to have a successful pregnancy and birth! Thank you for shopping this great cause!!!
xoxoxo, Jenny