Crime scene investigator

By: Hailey Ullmer

Salary Range.

$26.45 Per hour,$55,010 Per Year

Job Duties

  • Investigate crimes
  • Collect evidence of crimes
  • Conduct interviews with suspects and witnesses
  • Observe the activities of suspects
  • Arrest suspects
  • Write detailed reports and fill out forms
  • Prepare cases and testify in court

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages:You know a lot about different people and about the areas and some people can travel a lot.

Disadvantages:You can get hurt. You can get called anytime of day or night

Environmental relationship between the environment and job

It depends on the job you do.

Education necessary to do the job successfull

High school diplama to a college degree or higher.

Any interesting facts you found:

For the lab work you work in a FBI Laboratory. That every case is different, and you can arrest suspects.