Heaven Is For Real

By: Todd Burpo

How did it start?

Colton was a 4 year old boy when his parent's started noticing something was very wrong. He had flu-like symptoms, but it kept getting worse and worse. Finally, he was taken to a hospital. The first time he visited, the doctors basically said that there was nothing wrong with him. They took him home and he was still doing awful and he began to turn as white as a ghost. They took him to a different hospital and that time, they informed Todd and Sonja (his parents) that their son's appendix burst. Fluids leaked all over the inside of his body and it was poisonous. The doctor's told the parents that their son probably won't make it since he went 5 long days without being treated. But as if an angel was watching over him, he some how proved the doctor's wrong and recovered just fine.

Something seems strange.

After Colton's surgery to drain the fluids from his body, he was recovering just fine. But something was strange. He had prior knowledge of his family from before he was born. And not just his family - but Jesus. He knew so much about Jesus, more than could ever be learned at Sunday School. First, he could describe his grandfather accurately - a man who had died decades before. And he also knew about his big sister. A child who his mother had miscarried. Then, he started to talk about Heaven. He said things such as "Everyone in Heaven had wings, except for Jesus," "There were lots of animals, indescribable colors, and streets of gold," and that the angels had sang to him. Colton described Jesus as having brown hair, blue eyes, and a beard. His parents were very frightened at first, because that type of stuff doesn't just happen. If he was making it up, then he would say some false things. But everything he stated had been true, said his father.