By: Makenna Hill


Photography can be fun and rewarding in many different ways. Photography captures a person’s point of view at a moment in time. Photography focuses on different angles and lighting and sometimes depends on the photographer and what shots they think look best.

At first when I learned about angles they had all these short term words. I didn't know anything about angles until I was given a visual. The most popular angles that photographers use is a headshot also known as a close up, and it’s usually for actors and actresses. There are eleven different type of shots; mid shot, extreme wide shot, wide shot, close up, extreme close up, bird’s eye view, low angle, high angle, slant shot, point of view, and an over the shoulder shot. This is why we have different angles in the world.


Additionally, lighting affects the photos because they can shade the figure and turn the photo to where you can’t see the figure. When the camera's shutter opens, the light from the subject forms an image on the sensor. This causes the camera not to focus for at least a minute. The rays of light cause the light to focus on film. Another way lighting can affect the photo is by changing the mood, which causes your photos to be either happy when you want it to be sad or to be sad when you want to be happy. The lighting can always affect the image after you take it. It all comes down to controlling the lighting in the room or outside. Some cameras come with a certain type of speed shutter, which helps focus the lighting on the camera. Some people say lightning doesn't matter, but it really does.

Famous Photographers

Finally, I learned about famous photographers. John Holloman, a National Geographic photographer, said “Photography is an art and it represents the the way photographers see the world around them”. Most photographers like to take wedding photos because they can earn the most money in one day. Most people also like to look at the photographer's background so they can figure out what kind of photos they can take. Here are some tips on a good group photo:

  • Take command

  • Organize the bodies

  • Recruit co conspirators

  • "Build"composition

  • Try subdividing

  • Try different angles

  • Move quickly

  • Talk to them constantly

  • Make it fun

This shows the life at what a photographer does almost everyday for at least 12 hours a day.

Overall, photography is an art and people see it in many different ways. Photography is all about different angles and light and sometimes it depends on the photographer and what shots they think are best. Some people think a photographer is just a person who walks around with a camera. That isn't true a photographer is someone who is a true artist and sees the world in a different ways than others.