Machu Picchu Lives Again!

Thanks, Connecticut!


A terrace where the citizens of Machu Picchu cut into the mountainside in order to create level surfaces on which to grow crops.
Sentence: I know that the Chinese use terraces to grow food crops as well.


An aqueduct is a passageway that brings water from one place to another.

Sentence: The terraces were irrigated through a system of aqueducts.


Irrigation is a system used to water crops.

Sentence: Morris has sophisticated irrigation systems for the various corn crops around town.

What IS Machu Picchu?

Machu Picchu is an Incan civilization located high in the Andes Mountains of South America. You might have noticed that I included, "Thanks, Connecticut!" in my subtitle and this is because a Yale professor by the name of Hiram Bingham found Machu Picchu after it had been abandoned for over 400 years. Some interesting facts about Machu Picchu include that the Incans, who inhabited Machu Picchu, bound their children's arms when they were born because children weren't allowed to cry. If they cried, it tired the parents and they couldn't farm. We can infer from this detail that life revolved around the crops. Another detail that shows that life revolved around the crops was the fact that the Incans used terraces cut into the hillside for their "farms." The top terraces were used for farming while the bottom terraces were used to stabilize the top tiers. The incans were great engineers! These were just some of the very astonishing facts I learned about Machu Picchu and the Incans.

Connection #1

While researching Machu Picchu, I got the feeling that their civilization did not accept excuses. The detail that made this apparent to me was the fact that they didn't want the babies to cry so their arms were bound for months. It didn't seem that this bothered anyone because they continued to do it. They saw a job that needed to be done and they did it - no questions asked. This reminds me of the new initiative in JMS called, "Raising the Bar" where there are no excuses taken for poor work or attitude. If you don't do your work according to your best ability then it is not accepted. I can see this attitude taken in Machu Picchu. If you didn't do your best work, you didn't work! This is one connection I can make between Machu Picchu and JMS.