GLE Tech to Help Me

In the classroom

I can easily record my computer screen using Screenr


iPad Text to Speech (From

Your ipad/iphone has built-in Premier-like text to speech functionality... could you use it in the classroom for having text read to you? How to activate it. (scroll down to Text Selections – Speak & Define) More info

Ways to show my learning

1. Graphic Organisers.

Online Graphic organisers like Popplet, Linoit or OneNote in Office365 can help me organize my ideas in a visual way and bring in things like pictures, videos, and links.

2. Podcasts/Video Projects.

Podcasting in Plain English
China One Child Policy - Paper Slide Video

How to post to youtube safely.

3. Blogs/Discussion Forums.

Inside Office365 there are powerful blog and discussion forums built into your teacher's class sites.... what are the advantages of a discussion forum?

4. Even more ideas