Giving Back to Columbia High School

From Student to Teacher

Ms. Walters is a natural southern bell who was born in Columbia, SC. She lived in Marilyn for 12 years, but then decided to move back. Ms. Walters majored in nursing, but ran into problems with physics. She feels that if she had a better teacher, her success would have been better. Due to that she decided to change her major, and become that great teacher she never had. The most enjoyable thing about her job is that she can teach students, while they teach her. Her goal is to help her students graduate on time. She loves to shop, travel, talk on the phone, and read. If she could give advice to herself as a teen, she would say "to do the best that she could and not be as relaxed to work harder for scholarships." Ms. Walters also graduated from Columbia High School. Once a capital, always a capital.