Wildcat Weekly May 16th-20th

Let the good times roll!

Thank Yous, Applause, and Acknowledgements

  1. A big thank you to Cheyenne Williams and Coach Austin for organizing the Read to Me Night. The kids really loved the event and it was a great way to bring us together after hours.
  2. Thanks to all of you once again for my amazing impromptu Principal's Week. Awesome sauce!
  3. We had so many thankful parents at the Volunteer Breakfast. I appreciate all of you who contributed to the baking, decorations, and supplies. The good news is that we had PLENTY of leftovers and we will warm those up tomorrow morning. Come on in and help yourself to breakfast.

Housekeeping Items

Getting prepared for the final two weeks:

  1. Monday is Holly's Baby Shower, right after school.
  2. Growing Up Girls Retreat--We have a select group of girls in the 4th and 5th grade who will be attending a leadership session in the Media Center on Monday. Shelly sent invites to the girls and the teachers know which students they are.
  3. Schedule suggestions and Class Lists are due on Monday. Please send your Class Lists to me electronically, put the slips on my desk, and if you have schedule suggestions, please send them to me electronically or put a hard copy in my hands prior to 3:30pm on Monday.
  4. Johnnie's 5th grade project--We'll be getting those signs together after school. Thanks so much for volunteering to help him out. We will meet in the Media Center at 3:15pm.
  5. Vote is needed and you have until Tuesday to complete the survey! A Survey Monkey link is provided below. It is not anonymous so that I can track down the folks who have not voted. You have until Tuesday, May 17th before 5pm to get your vote in. I suggest you just complete the survey right after you read this newsletter.
  6. Admin Team out on Tuesday--The admin team will be out for the building on Tuesday. Michelle Wilson and Jennifer Gaudreau will be covering for us. I want to thank both of them ahead of time for stepping up and helping.
  7. Packing up for Next Year: Ladies and gents. We have boxes arriving all the time. If you know that you will have LOTS to pack up, I suggest you get moving sooner rather than later. The following items are allowed to stay out: your classroom libaries, two bookcases, and any other storage items you are using for student resources. The rest of your items need to be packed in your yellow cabinets. If you believe this is will be an issue for you, see me ASAP. What this will do is encourage you to downsize the amount of materials you have for NEXT year. If you cannot keep all of your materials in your yellow storage cabinets within you room, box those materials up and take them home. If you foresee that being an issue, see me ASAP. Even if you are not moving, your room needs to be packed the same way!
  8. Cleaning out resources: Starting May 27th, the para office and Resource Room will be cleaned out of materials that are not being utilized. We will recycle them. If you have personal items in any of those areas please grab them now. Otherwise, I will assume they are Arkansas purchased items.
  9. Feedback from Students: I am so honored that Rita Hill was able to come in and gain feedback from our students. I am leaving a copy of the grade level responses in the lounge. Please keep the copies in the lounge and review them in your own time. I know that gaining feedback can often put us on the defensive, but I encourage you to see this as a multiple perspective point of view. These are the opinons of students we serve and we must honor their voice. Rita did give me a few overarching themes discussed by all: teachers often forget to praise students for their work, teachers often get sidetracked by handling the "bad" students, and that lunch is pretty much

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I replayed the segment at 1:43 because my heart BROKE for the woman who walked away from the doors; seriously, I replayed it seven times. And then I warmed up in faith and love at 2:16 for the mother and the friends who know what is important. Know your worth, people! Know your worth!
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