All About The State Fair Of Texas

Alexis N. P-2

Children laugh. Parents getting tired of waiting in line. Mouth chewing. Light flashing. Food frying. Family having fun. Is what a day at the state fair is all about. There are many interesting thing about the State Fair Of Texas. That you many not know.

On January 30, 1886 a group of Dallas men decide to form the Dallas State Fair and Exposition. About a month later the directors purchase 80 acres of land in East Texas. The State Fair Of Texas was born. The first celebration of ground was the gala fourth of July in 1886.On morning of October 26, 1886 about 14,000 people visited the opening day of state fair. Over the first year more then 100,000 visitors. They enjoyed the horse races, livestock, and music from Mexican National band to grand dances done by 100 Comanche Indian.

The fair started to grow. On February 10,1887 they add 177 acres the biggest addition they make to the state fair. Then 10 more acres then 7.4 acres. Over the years about 87 more in all have been add. On April 5,1904 voters voted to purchese the park for 125,000 making property the second park in city system.

For the first time the fair hit one million visitors in 1916. It did not stop there. President William Howard Taft is the first to visit the park. The first game was held at cotton bowl South Methodist University Mustang VS. Indiana Hoosters. 1942 one of America's favorites fair food was introduced the corn dog by Neil and Carl Fletcher. One of America's best and most popular singer performed at the cotton bowl Elvis Presley in 1956.In 1985 212-foot Texas Star, Ferris wheel became biggest in North 1995 it made it to come to the fair they add the Dart.

On 1951 a big Santa Claus figure was purchased from Keren Chambers by R.L. Thornton. He hired a local artist Jack Bidges to make giant cowboy out of the material. One year later Big Tex make his first state fair appearance. 1993 the fair auction of this head for $11,300. Big Tex got his new look in 1999.Sadly on morning of October 19,2012 Big Tex burned down by a electrical shortage in his right boot.

The fair has not always been so perfect on July 20,1902 a early Sunday morning a fire destroyed the main expantion hall and adjacent building.On July 20,1902 millions of people came to the fair, but only 19 had a horrible day. One Swiss skyride stop moving.More slammed into it. Two fell 85 feet into two midway games booths.Causing one man life, and 17 other injured.One paralyzed women. Also cause of World War 1 the state fair was canceled in 1918.The U.S. Army toke control they add aviation boot camp called Camp Dick.Also Big Tex burned to the ground.

One of up rising food at the state fair fried food. Fair started Big Tex Choice Award Contest and is considered "fried food capital of Texas". Contestants fry everything from fried beer to fried peaches and cream it started in 2005.

One of the most deadly virus is closes to Dallas.How did effect the visitors at the fair?

"Ebola has to really effected the attendances." The fair has add more "wash your hand sign.Also add more hand sanitizers.They have step up there cleaning staff. Even Big Tex has even add a daily reminder to keep clean. Some visitors are worried but most are not.

State Fair Of Texas is not just a place to have fun. It is also a place full of history and life.So when you go to the state fair remember that history is all a round you.