Newsletter - Term 3 Week 9

Friday, 24th September 2021



Last week during our junior and senior assemblies we decided to Facebook Live the events so people could watch the assembly and see who were awarded certificates. Unfortunately, at the end of the junior assembly the child videoing used language that does not fit with our school and community values. On behalf of the school we apologise for this and will make sure it doesn't happen again.

Pet Day

Next week we will be making a decision (in consultation with FoS) what Pet Day might look like this year under the current COVID environment. At Level 2, we will be unable to run Pet Day as normal. This is going to mean that the school may have to plan this differently if a decision by the government has been made to keep us at Level 2 into Term 4. More information will come out in next weeks school newsletter.

Book week Street Character Parade

This year we will not be holding our yearly bookweek street parade (due to obvious reasons). We will be doing our own parade at school and will video the students walking past. This will be uploaded on to our school Facebook page later on that day for the community to view.

Nga mihi,

Simon Bell

Positive Behaviour Tau Cards - Week 9

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Touch Term 4 Competition

If your child would like to play touch in Term 4 and you have not already registered then please click on the link below and fill out the form before next Wednesday.

Please remember that the entry fee of $23 per person is payable to the school by 22nd October, this fee is paid to Touch Southland.

We are still short of parent help for all teams except year 8. Some teams may not be entered if we cannot get parents to take these teams.

Board of Trustees Meeting

Next board meeting will be held on Thursday 30th September at 7.30pm in the school library.

All are welcome to attend.

Fish & Chips Friday

There will be no Fish & Chip orders next Friday 1st October, because of the shared lunch for Book Week.


Book Fair and Book Week


The Book Fair will run until Wednesday 29th September. It is open to the public from 8:30 to 9:00am and 3:00 to 3:30 pm daily - closed at lunch time. Pease scan in and wear a mask while in the Library.


This runs from Monday 27th September to Friday 1st October.

This week is all about enjoying books through a variety of fun activities. The teachers will be reading their favourite books to other classes. There will be a variety of competitions that the children can take part in, both at school and at home. Maureen will be setting off the reading hooter which signals that everyone stops what they are doing and reads. Finally Friday is all about dressing as our favourite book characters, having a book-themed shared lunch in house groups and a street parade, starting at approximately 1:30 p.m. So all in all, a great week is in store to see off Term 3.

Book-themed Shared Lunch

This will take place on Friday 1st October, in house groups. Children are asked to bring a small plate of finger food which could be something that their book character might like to eat.

Time → 12:15 pm

Pourakino - Room 1 Takitimu - Room 2

Aparima - Room 3 Longwood - Room 8

No Fish & Chip orders this day

Street Parade

This will take place on Friday 1st October. – This will now take place at school.

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REAP Junior Science

REAP Middle Science

REAP Senior Science

ROOM 6 - Pepehas



The children are really excited about being back to school and getting back into our normal programmes. Here are our clues and Maker space items from this week.

That is so yum! What am I? You can eat me and I grow. People like me. I am red. Some people don’t like me. I am yum. Indiana likes me. I have seeds. People have me in their lunch. I have leaves when I’m growing on my plant. Don’t wear me. I start with s. Don’t step on me. I’m in a garden.

By Indiana Blumenthal.

What am I? I sound like “whoosh.” I beep when I am finished. Sometimes I can dry the things in me. You’ve got to take stuff out of me. I go round and round. I can do it automatically. I am heavy. I wash clothes. I start with w.

By Isabelle Hurley.

Sweet! I have icing. You can eat me. Am I yummy? I have sprinkles. I can have whipped cream. I am usually bright pink or dark red or light yellow. I get put in a box. I’m small. What am I?

By Arthur Edge.

Answers: Indiana’s strawberry, Isabelle’s washing machine, Arthur’s doughnut.


Happy Birthday Donelda - 65 young!!

Hope you have a great birthday!


Central Southland College Enrolements

Enrolments for 2022 have now been extended until 30th September 2021
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Winton Football Summer Football League

Enquiries and team entries can be made by contacting Individuals without a team can also make contact to be placed in a team. Adults (yr9 upwards) $100 per team; juniors (yr6-8 and yr1-5) $10 per player. All teams have two games each night, junior games start at 5.30pm and adults start at 6.30pm. First day Thursday 21 Oct, last playing day Thursday 9 Dec. Venue: Moore’s Reserve, Winton.

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