Andrew Jackson

Zero or Hero?

Letter from The Cherokee Indians

This is such bull crap. Us the Indians and President Jackson were tight and now all of a sudden he's kicking us off our land. OUR LAND. We deserve better. We were here first. I hate Jackson now. The path he through us on is so rough. I've seen so many friends die.

Letter from the Southern Frontiersman

President Jackson is the greatest guy. He kicked those stupid Indians off of the land that I was pursuing. Now I can expand west and continue to gain more land. I love Jackson's attitude. Definitely the kind of guy that I want running our country. And I can contribute to voting now because of him.
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Political Cartoon

This is a cartoon of Andrew Jackson dressed as a king because he was doing things that a king would do. He is vetoing bunches of bills, he isn't caring for the constitution, and he is being president in his own way. As you can see, he is holding a paper that says veto on it. That is because, as the president, that is one of his powers and he used this power more than any other previous president. Andrew Jackson is stepping on the constitution in the cartoon. In other words, he doesn't care for the constitution.