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What's going on....

  • DON'T FORGET.... K-5 math and language arts benchmark data due by Thursday AT 4:00! Please make sure you have ALL of your student data in!
  • 4th/5th science assessment window opens today....
  • The Lighthouse Team meeting will NOT be held today (we just met 2 weeks ago)
  • Please keep in mind that when we have Polar Express, the office doesn't have anyone in the back area...
  • We are sad to report that this is Fiona Reynolds (LSSP) last week. We appreciate what she has done for us and wish her the very best in her next adventure!

THIS WEEK (12/14-12/18)

(No enrichment this week)

  • Polar express for 2nd, 5th, 1st
  • Secret Santa starts today :)
  • No lighthouse team meeting


  • Polar express for SLE/ELE/PK, 4th, 3rd, kinder


  • Site-based meeting
  • Faculty Meeting


  • Faculty Christmas Party @ Katrina's house


  • Party day!! Please follow the guidelines from Christy for checking kids out from your room. Please make sure you know of ANY custody or not allowed to pick up issues and follow those.
  • Please clean your items out of the fridge and follow ALL shutdown procedures from the district before you leave for the break!!


  • 16th - Andrea Greene & Sandie Harvey
  • 22nd - Patti Mound
  • 25th - Nina Walker
  • 30th - Shay Force
  • 31st - Justin Huddleston


  • A special thank you to those who came and helped with the Snowy Social! We could NOT have done it without your help and ideas for set-up and keeping things running smoothly the whole time!! Kathryn, Kevin, Sofie, Vani, Mariemer, Yass, Teena, Marquina, Kellie, Carolyn, Susan, Robin, Christy, and anyone I may have missed! - lisa
  • Many thanks to everyone for their help while I supported my husband. Cynthia McClure covered my very full ARD day. Sharon Holmes made the paperwork-work, and Katherine Roush checked in on me. My heart is full! -Beth G
  • Wow Marla Hill! You do an incredible job with the choir - and the kids love it so much!! Thank you!! -lisa
  • Thank you to 3rd, 4th, 5th grade teams for your thoughtful approach to investigating STAAR data with Jenn Freeman and with us. We appreciate your readiness to look at data from a position of curiosity. Susan & Carolyn
  • Thank you to Brenda for being a great student teacher! You will go far in your teacher career because of your love of teaching and your great relationships with kids. Recently overheard in my class..." I want Ms. Coronado to stay forever!" - Allison
  • Thank you to Catherine for always anticipating what I will need for a new student before I even have to ask! - Allison
  • Thank you to Katrina for getting supplies for our student leaders. It seemed like you waved your magic wand and they appeared! - Allison
  • Thank you to Amy and Esmer for joining us on our field trip. Both the kids and I really appreciated having you there and taking time out of your already packed schedule to come. -A
  • Thank you to the cafeteria staff for putting together 12 sack lunches in record time when there was a miscommunication about our field trip- you saved the day!! - Allison


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Planetarium Schedule - Friday

  • 8:00-8:50 - Ross, mound, hodge-Ratliff, Robey, Richter, Garza
  • 8:50-9:40 - ALL 4th grade (specials will deliver them to the planetarium - teachers meet them there)
  • 9:40-10:30 - ALL 3rd grade
  • 10:30-11:20 - Force, williams, jackson, Malinda, Acosta (you will need to adjust your recess schedule)
  • 12:05-12:55 - bennett, o'keefe, Bohne, Dion, Rocha (you will need to split recess to before and after planetarium)
  • 12:55-1:45 - ELE, Kelly, Talley, Ramon, Summers
  • 1:45-2:35 - Walker, Killian, Peterson, Karkosh, DeJesus