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A Rape On Campus

Summary Of Article

Jackie, A freshmen at University of Virginia, was brutally raped at Frat party. She believed that she was going on a date with a popular frat guy, instead she was lead into a dark room, where several guys attacked her. After her rape Jackie was told not to go to authorities or media, for the sake of her college's reputation. Later after this story was uncovered University of Virginia was questioned as to why Jackie and many other girls like her have not received justice.

Broader Issues

Other issues connected to the rape was brought to light. The inequality of women was considered. The girls at the campus were not given a fair chance to state their rape. Instead the boys actions were swept under the rug with minimal punishment. Also the bias of security at the campus. The campus seems to ignore all actions of rape. Instead of going to the authorities the security instead deals with the problem secretly. Keeping the boys from dealing with any real punishment of such a high crime. At Virginia University students and even administrators try keep the victim from taking the rape to social media. This party school is extremely obsessed with keeping their reputation that they don't even take the time to prevent other rapes from happening they just sweep it under the rug.


By putting yourself into Jackie's shoes you can understand the pain she went through. She was physically attacked and her rapers are all free of any type of charge. She also goes to the same school as them. By using empathic ideology you can understand that Jackie could be suffering from emotional distress. And her rape will be unjustified unless she is willing to give up her current lifestyle, education and friends.