Fun At The Park!

Take Action Before Obesity Takes Over

Why Are We Hosting This Event

Obesity is vastly taking over America and it's main target is children. This Event will provide youth with the essential elements like exercising and getting informed on how to stop obesity. This event is also showing that there are better thing to do than just sitting around the house and looking for trouble to get into.

Location, Time & Etc.

Saturday, April 19th, 10am-1pm

14440 Wallisville Rd

Houston, TX

This is a free event for children ages 4-18 at North Shore park located on Wallisville Rd.

Easter Egg Hunt!

Since it's on Easter weekend, we will host our 1st Easter egg hunt.

And Many More Events!

Try New Snacks!

Since this is a obesity preventing event there will be no fattening snacks such as chips, sodas, & candy instead there will be granola bars, water, & fruit!