2P "Team Badger" Newsletter

April 22 - May 6, 2016


  • Monarch Madness! We had an amazing in-class enrichment, sponsored by the PTO to kick-off our newest science unit - Butterflies! See the below link for the website they used in class. This website is a great resource, full of beautiful nature videos and information. Enjoy!
  • Poetry by Charles Waters! The children were treated to an assembly with Mr. Waters, a poet, who made the art of poetry fun and interactive. Thank you so much to the Breckman family for making this happen!
  • CogAT Results - Following up on a question that many of you asked at conferences, the CogAT test results are anticipated to be sent home with end of year report cards. REACH letters will be sent at that time as well.


We are winding up our unit on Partnerships this week. The students have reviewed many skills and worked very well together. They've learned to work together to set reasonable reading goals for each day, they have practiced talking together and identifying the main idea, in addition to retelling the beginning, middle and end of their books.

We've also explored a few different styles of poetry before we start our next (and final!) unit, Character Study!


The students are finishing up their Persuasive Review! They have been practicing methods to make their writing extra convincing! They have thought of facts, examples, made comparisons, and practiced writing effective hooks to get their readers attention. They will begin writing their published pieces next week. Get ready! You may decide to get a giraffe for a pet, find that you agree that sushi is the best food, dolphins are the best animal, or that potatoes are completely gross!

We will be finishing this unit next week and starting our last unit, Narrative Fiction.


The last part of the year brings about shorter, introductory units. This means that we are introducing the topic for the first time and are not expecting full mastery. We finished our unit on Measurement and started our unit on Time. Time is an introductory unit and we are learning to read clocks by skip counting by 5. We are also learning about AM and PM and the various ways to express time. We will be finishing this unit early next week and then starting our next unit, Picture Graphs.

The assessments for both Standard Measurement and Money (reviewed at conferences) will be coming home next week for your signature.

Social Studies/Science!

We have finished up our latest social studies unit and have studied wants vs needs, different types of jobs in our communities, and how goods get to market. We played a fun relay game in class where we modeled getting goods from the factory to market by traveling on trucks, planes, trains, and ships.

The butterfly and moth larvae have arrived! We will be showing them to the students on Monday. This is one of the most exciting units of the year! We will be watching how the larvae grow and change on their way to becoming butterflies and moths.

Teaching Team

Suzanne Pelkey (Classroom Teacher), Carolyn Rommeihs (Special Education Teacher), and Doreen Patrone (Teaching Assistant)