Mrs. Bryer's Class Newsletter

March 18, 2013

Morning Pledge Duty

This is our week to shine! Please check the schedule for your child's morning duty assignment. They are very excited, and a little nervous, about getting in front of the whole school. The best thing you can do to aleviate his or her fears is to help them practice their part and to have them report for duty on time. If your child rides the bus remind them to eat breakfast and then come to duty.

Our next science unit is hands on!!

Our next science unit is plants! We will have fun tearing plants apart to examine their parts, conducting experiments and observations, as well as planting sunflowers. Please help your child connect this learning to home by pointing out the seeds in their fruit, the new wild flowers growing along the roads, and the needs of the plants you are adding to the flower beds. Let them be a part of all of the fun of spring weeding, clean up, and planting!

Only 51 more school days!

These next two months are going to fly by! With t-ball, soccer, beautiful weather, and spring fever we are all going to become involved with other things. Please continue to find the time to read with your child daily. Be conscious when you are caught up in the hustle and bustle to remember to draw on the things around you. Have conversations with your child regarding the game you are watching, the restaurant you stop at for a quick dinner, their day, your day, etc. Play hangman, tic tac toe, or even carry a deck of cards in your car for that wait time. You can play High/Low. Some of the children are learning to use the cards for addition, double digit numbers, and even subtraction.

I will admit to you that I am excited for spring baseball. My oldest is playing Little League and select ball this year and it means more practice and more games. Add that to my younger son starting T-ball for the first time and I will be right there with you! Have fun with it, they are only young once.