Depression and Teens

What factors play into depression in teens?

What is Depression?

Depression is a disease that 20% of teens will experience before reaching adulthood. Depression is more of a common problem than what we realize and we constantly brush it off. We don't think about how this disease has set in or what could influence it. Teens suffer from depression more often than adults because they are more susceptible to bullying, stress, and being pressured by others.

Family Relationships

  • Free time = Bad habits.
  • Acting out in the wrong way
  • Boredom, delinquency, and depression go hand in hand.
  • Kids feel left out or left alone


  • Teens lives are like revolving doors.
  • Peer Pressure
  • Social Awkwardness

Substance Use

  • Believe the high will help
  • When the high wears off, they can feel worse
  • Not a solution to depression

How teenage depression "looks"..

Teen Depression

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