Pamlico Sound Estuary

Olivia Lain

About The Pamlico Sound

It is located between the Outer Banks and Dare and Manteo Counties and is home to oysters, blue crabs, flounder, clams, red drum fish, and even Sea Turtles. It has the Neuse River, Roanoke River and Pamlico River that feed into the Pamlico Sound.

North Carolina Estuaries

Estuaries are very important because they are a nursery for many species of fish. crabs, birds,and other marine life. They provide a home to 3/4 of US commercial fishing and help protect against erosion. Estuaries and the organisms living in them can also help to filter chemicals and pollutants from the water. However, there are many threats to North Carolina estuaries. These include global warming, introduction of nonnative species, additional pollution from human activity, and the destruction of wetlands, which includes erosion.

The Pamlico Sound

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