San Diego Public Middle School

Petition to stop pollution in community!

Pollution is affecting the communities of San Diego!

Help Us Stop The Pollution by...

  • Recycling
  • Riding bikes instead of cars
  • ETC.

The Students Involved!

George Brocos, May Gwesi, April Jackami, Bob Sult, Lea Awers, and June Somics

The biggest helpers to the students!

"San Diego will be one of the green-est cities in the world!"- Mrs.Forkwad

Why Students?

Students are the next us, they need to know about what is happening in the world!

Created By Mrs. Sahlin's Mod 1/3

By Alec Bachofen, Paulina Caramanno, Bhavin Mistry, Matt Paderon, and Julia Sweetnam