Peek of the Week!

Mrs. Cousins' and Ms. Welker's Class

Language Arts

Reading: In reading this week, we will be reading different books from the Froggy series! We will be practicing with different story maps to practice our reading skills this week!

Writing: In writing, we are going to start learning about functional writing! We are going to begin this week by writing lists for different things! We will be creating a class "To Do" list and checking it off as we complete each activity throughout the day. We will also see how lists keep up organized with things such as chores (you're welcome ;)), summer lists, grocery lists, etc.

Phonics: In phonics, we are learning all about compound words! We will be learning about how compound words are simply two words smashed together to make one big word! We will learn how to break them apart and squeeze them back together to make them easier to write. Don't forget your child's spelling test is every Friday!

Social Studies

Students are learning about landforms, continents, and oceans in social studies. Students are creating a landform book and writing information and facts about each one. Students are also using maps and map keys to determine where the landforms are located around the world.

Home Landform Project:

Students are continuing their knowledge of landforms by researching and creating models of two different landforms that are near each other. Students will use different materials to create 3D models of the landforms that they have chosen to learn more about. Students will present their landform project to their class. Please let us know if you have any questions about this project. Looking forward to seeing amazing landforms! Projects are due May 8th!

Online Resources:


In Math, students completed their Financial Literacy Unit. They are know experts about how people earn income, the value of saving their income, ways to spend their money on goods/services, know the difference between needs and wants, and even how to consider charitable giving. Students also learned the difference between a consumer and a producer. Students have been working hard to earn "Wolf bucks" in class by doing various classroom jobs and doing good services. Last Friday, students were able to use their saved income and purchase different goods and services at the second grade market. The students had a blast being consumers! We also reviewed how to compose and decompose numbers up to 120 in different ways.

This week, we will continue with numbers but review/learn addition and subtraction strategies up to 20 using three numbers. Students will learn how doubles and related facts can be helpful. as well as composing and decomposing sums of 10.

Home Challenge:

*Play Monopoly or the game of Life with your family

*Create a lemonade stand or set up a market in your house- take turns being the buyer (consumer) and the shop keeper (producer)

*Assign household jobs/chores for students to earn income for doing good jobs and services. Start a collection chart and watch how quickly your savings can grow over time!

*Practice counting coins/money

*Create a savings fund/account to raise money for a fun family time

*Sort magazine pictures into needs/wants group

*Consider charitable giving-donate old clothes or toys, support the end hunger now and enter the food codes of various items, etc.

*Volunteer your time or services and help others in need.

*Support Team Mikayla!

Online Resources: - donation ideas - berenstain bears trouble with money

Cashvillekidz have many episodes about money/coins-here are a few


In Science, students began a new unit of study...plants and seeds! Students made a greenhouse and planted lima beans and are watching them grow in the window! Students also got to discover the parts of a seed by dissecting a lima bean. Students were able to see how the seed coat protects the baby plant, discover the embryo, and saw how the cotyledon provides food for the tiny plant. We read the story, The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, and discovered the life cycle of a plant. Students also explored the function of each part of the plant and how each part helps the plant grow if it gets its basic needs. Students also discovered the parts of plants that we eat every day as fruits and vegetables. In honor of Earth Day, we read the story, The Lorax and did various projects and activities about our beloved Dr. Seuss story about caring about the trees! Ask your child about how we used white flowers to make our own "truffula trees"! Can a plant still get water without roots? Ask your little scientist! We also played a game where students were the trees and Ms. Welker and our watchdog was "Mother Earth". Ask your child if they survived or not?

This week, we will learn about the rainforest and how the rainforest is important to people and animals. Students will study the layers of the rainforest and learn all about the animals that live in each layer. Students will also discover how scientist classify and group animals into different categories based on the animals' characteristics.

Home Challenge:

*Play the be a tree game we did in class with the tree cookies and poker chips

*watch The Lorax

*Design and plant your own garden

*Begin a seed collection book

*Plan a meal for the family to includes one food item for each part of the plant (seeds, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, etc.)

*Play fruit and vegetable game of headbands...what am I?

*Visit the Moody Gardens Rainforest Pyramid

Online Resources: - animated - the needs of a plant - The tiny seed by eric carle - the parts of a plant - uses of plants (funny voice kids) - bean growing time lapse - adaptations in plants - let's plant a tree sid the seed parts of a plant

Notes and Reminders

April 30th - PTO Meeting

May 1st - Buddy Day (This is not a party day! After our Buddy Day activities in the morning, we will resume our normal class schedule.)

Due to Buddy Day-there will be no visitors for lunch on this day

**I will need a parent to donate a pack of water bottles for next week! Let me know if you are interested in making the donation

May 4th- Show your College spirit

May 4th-8th- Teacher appreciation week

May 6th- Deadline to turn in talent forms

May 12th - Reading CBA

May 14th- Talent show auditions for pk-2nd grade

May 15th- Mother/Son and Father/Daughter Dance at 6:00 to 7:30 pm

May 18th-Announce talent show finalists

May 19th - Math CBA

May 19th- PTO meeting-board elections, volunteer appreciation Dinner

May 20th - FIELD TRIP!

May 22nd - No School for students!

May 25th - No School (Holiday)

May 26th- First rehearsal for talent show @ 3:30-5:00 pm

May 28th- Second rehearsal for talent show @ 2:00-3:00 pm

May 29th - End of Year Party (more details to come later in May, all we know right now is the day)

June 1st - First Grade Awards day @9:00-10:00

June 1st - Talent Show @ 6:30-7:30 pm

June 3rd - LAST DAY/EARLY DISMISSAL @ 12:30 :( (I'm gonna miss these kids!)

Spring Pictures - Please make sure to return any spring pictures that you do not wish to keep. If you would like to keep them, please return your payment in the provided envelope. If you order online, please return the envelope with the order code on it so that the school will know that you have paid for your pictures. Thanks!

Please make sure your child comes prepared for school every day. This means that they have a signed blue folder brought to school with them every day. They also need to have their library books so that they can read them in class. They are getting ready to become second graders and need to learn how to be responsible. Also, students begin coming into the classroom at 7:45 a.m. Announcements begin at 7:50 and we begin class promptly at 8:00. If your student is arriving to school at 8:00, they are missing out on the beginning of our day while they are getting unpacked and ready to join us.

Are you still reading...?

Students have been doing math analogies in their something good notebooks that we call "good thinking". If you are still reading our newsletter, then have your child write down their answer for this math analogy and they will earn a prize!

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