My 5 life goals

We placed 25th in overal division and 3rd in juniors

My 5 favorite songs 1- plies I did it outta love 2- T.i you can now tell how I walk 3- B.G ya heard me 4- Deirks Bentley 5150 5- plies got you gone man
My graduation letter to my self is that I hope to have a car by the time I graduate.
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Biggest news event from when I was born

Biggest news event from the year 2000. Australia at center of European dispute after conservative people's party form coalition with the far-right freedom party headed by xenophobe


My motto for my freshman year is to make friends and get to know the teachers and school.

One of my favorite smells

My favorite smells is burn rubber because it represents my love for cars and racing and it brings back memories from when my step dad did and huge burnout on New Years.

My 3 favorite belongings

my 3 favorite belongings are my Traxxas slash r.c car because i like racing and working on them, my turbo charger housing because that is a high performance part to a race car, and my phone because it allows me to go on social media and contact my family and friends.

3 words to describe my self

First word is interesting because unlike other kids that play video games and stuff like that on my day off i build r.c race cars and go fishing. 2nd word is nice because i have respect for people and their belongings. 3rd and last is cool because i have a lot of friends and we have respect for each other