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National Anthem

The Marcha Real (Royal March) is Spain's national anthem.

One of the two national anthems that doesn't have lyrics!

Climate & Stuff(:

Some Stuff About the Country

  • Area:194,884 square miles, about the size of Utah and Arizona combined.
  • Capital: Spain's capital is Madrid.
  • Climate: The climate of Spain is mild, hot to moderate summers, cold to cool and cloudy winters.
  • Population: 46.6 million
  • Ethnic Groups: Bosques, Catalars, Galicians, Mediterannean, and Nordic peoples.
  • Languages: Spanish, Catolon-Vatecian, Galician, and Basque.
  • Major Industries: Processed foods, textiles, footwear, petrochemicals, steel, automobiles, consumer goods, and electronics.
  • Agriculture: Grains, vegetables, citrus and deciduous fruits, olive & olive oil, sunflowers, livestock and poultry, dairy products, and seafood.

More Cool Stuff! :D

  • Spains currency: Euro
  • Major religions: Roman Catholics, Islam, & Protestant
  • Historical Facts: Spain discovered America! Pablo Picasso was from Spain.
  • Government type: A constitutional monarchy defined by the constitution of Spain.
  • A famous actress: Penolope Cruz.
  • A famous singer from Spain: David Bisbal
  • A famous athlete from Spain: Andres Iniesta: Soccer player.
  • Spain's president: Jos Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
  • Official Name of Spain: Reino de Espana.
  • Famous artists from Spain: Pablo Picasso, Alonso Berruguete, Vasco de la Zarza.

The history and symbolism of Spain's Flag

The flag is divided into three horizontal stripes. The colors and stripes have been the same since the 18th century. Red and Yellow stripes. The four quadrants on the flag represent;

  • Castle
  • Lion
  • Red/Yellow stripes: represent the kingdom of Aragon
  • Linked chains: Kingdom of Navvare
  • Pomegranate fruit: moorish kingdom of Granda.

Some Places Near to Visit!

Some good tourist places in and around Spain would probably be something you would like to know? The capital city of Madrid in central Spain is famous for Prado Museum, a world famous institution that houses works of art by El Greco and Francisco de Goya. Other Madrid attractions include the 17th century Royal Palace and the town square Plaza Mayo. Another place is Barcelona. The Mediterranean city of Barcelona in northeastern Spain is the place of Catalan culture. Nine of its buildings are World Heritage Sites. Seven of which are works by architect Antoni Gaudi. The most visited of Gaudi's projects is the church of the Sagrada Familia, or Sacred Family. Started in 1882 and it's still in the process of being completed.

About Me! c:

So, I'm Payton. The author of this wonderful flyer on Spain. Hmm.. well I live in Courtland, on a farm with cows c: I don't really know exactly what to put here cause you guys know me already so yeah.. I'm not really into this whole letting you know about me thing. But doing this flyer was pretty cool and gave me a chance to learn about other countries and their culture. Thanks for paying some sort of attention.