A look back on CUIN 3313- Fall 2014

A learning Experience to Last a Lifetime

This course exposed me to a bunch of new tools that I have incorporated into my work and personal projects. I have created more presentations using Prezi and even a Powtoon to liven up my training's at work. I have actually had co-workers come up afterwards and ask me about how I knew about those tools. It felt great to be able to add diversity and a new interest to my presentations.

I am most proud of my video production project, "How To Make The Most of Your LInkedIn Profile".

Windows Movie Maker was by far the most difficult and time consuming tool for me during this semester. The hard work paid off though. At the end, I felt like I had created something that I was really proud of and that I could share with friends.Next time I want to make a movie though, I will make sure to get a better microphone. I had to use the microphone in my webcam, and it made me sound a bit funny.
I have already used Windows Movie Maker to make a Girl Scout recap video that highlighted my daughter's girl scout troop and all they did during the summer.

I plan to use it for many more things in the future including more girl scout projects, family videos, and church projects! I want to use it to bring more life to my presentations and move myself away from always using PowerPoint.