School Uniforms



How do you feel about school uniforms? Would you like to wear the same thing every day? The proposal for school uniforms in public schools should be supported. This would take away a students’ right to express themselves. There are financial struggles and issues. Uniforms are not cheap today. Uniforms should be eliminated in public schools because they are a financial burden for some families and they are taking away students right to express themselves.

Body Paragraph

Uniforms are really expensive. Parents are actually spending an average of $162 a year per child (Hamilton). Schools often change them from year to year and they cannot be passed down to younger siblings. Uniforms can also be a financial burden on some families. Some advocates for poor families oppose school uniforms unless schools can help support and assist the parents financially ("School Uniforms").

Concessions and Rebuttal

People who say yes to uniforms would argue that they help students resist peer pressure to buy trendy clothes (Hamilton). Many say uniforms result in a more professional businesslike atmosphere. They also believe that uniforms prepare young people for the real world of work (Cruz). I would argue that students need to be able to express themselves. They need individuality. Students express themselves mainly through clothing.


School uniforms should be removed from all public schools because they are a financial problem for some families and they are taking away from students the right to express themselves. Uniforms are being priced too high, and some families cannot afford them. Students need to be able to express themselves and show their own personality and style. Therefore, uniforms are just a problem and a hinder to public schools.