Compressed Cloth O' Survival

A compressed cloth that has everything you need to survive!

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How does it work with the characteristics of life?

1. Reproduction: Cloth O' Survival will give off an oil when you rub it on your skin and it will give you the proper nutrients and vitamins you need in order to have a healthy pregnancy.

2. Genetic Material: Just be rubbing the cloth on your skin, it takes in your genetic code and DNA and stores it in it's memory chip located in the bottom left-hand corner.

3. Cell: If you get the cloth wet, you can ring it out on the dirt, concrete, sand, etc., and it will create a single cell. That cell will then reproduce and create a living organism.

4. Grow & Develop: The cloth will basically give you the wisdom and knowledge you need in order to grow and develop.

5. Metabolism: Cloth O' Survival will provide you protein and good fats in order to have a healthy metabolism.

6. Response to Stimuli: The oils in the cloth will give you the ability to quickly adapt to the changes in the weather, atmosphere, humidity, light, gravity.

7. Homeostasis: If you drench the cloth in water and ring it out in your mouth and drink it, it will make sure that your body maintains temperature, Ph levels, water levels

8. Evolution: Evolution does not exist, therefore the Cloth O' Survival does nothing for this characteristic.

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Example of a negative feedback loop

When you get really hot and for some reason the water you drank from the drenched cloth isn't working, there is a special oil in the cloth that will help cool you down (without sweating) or warm you up (without getting you too overheated)