Copyright & License

Learn about Copyright and the way that it works.


Definition ~ A collection of rights granted to the creator of the work.

Copyright is the control of the way that others use you work, you get the rights to how people Lease it, Sell it, Change it, and Lend it. Everything that is ever made Tangible is copyrighted, and if you go digital or extremely public it would be advised to get help from a copyright company so just in case someone does use with your consent you can either get your work taken away from them or you can make them pay for to use your work

5 Types of Copyright

1. Public Domain:

Something that isn’t protected by copyright law, Out of date, public money to fund the project, Creator donated the work into public domain

Examples: Classic literature or music

2. Freeware:

Copyrighted work that you can use and give away for free

Examples: iTunes, Windows media player, Safari media player

3. Shareware:

A free trial of a program that is limited by time, to use the full services you must pay a fee whether it be regular or a one time fee.

Examples: A Game Demo or a Lite version

4. All Rights Reserved:

Only allows the consumer to use the software

Examples: Most store software

5. Open Source:

Software that include the source code with the idea of changing it via the consumers

Examples: Firefox and Google Chrome