Business Development

Induction Meeting

Meeting Overview

It is rare that an opportunity comes your way, even more rare that you actually grab one of those few opportunities and make something out of it. By becoming a part of AIESEC and Business Development, you have begun a journey that is paved with numerous opportunities. Whether or not you take them, it's totally up to you. But trust me when I tell you, each opportunity has the power to help you grow in more ways than one. This meeting is to help you realize your potential and give you the set of skills required to be a member working for Business Development.

Business Development |Induction Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 7pm

AIESEC in Chennai Office.

Please bring your AIESEC note books/diaries.
And get to the meeting on time, late-comers will be creatively dealt with.


  • Check-ins
  • Business Development - What we do.
  • Business Development in 2015 - What we've done.
  • Activity - How we do, what we do.
  • Check-outs