One Direction

by nicole fry and jazzie pietrzykowski

X-Factor Auditions

In 2010, Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn all decided to audition for the seventh season of The X-Factor UK. Harry Styles, who sang Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder, left his former band called White Eskimo to audition, not knowing what this would bring him. Niall Horan preformed So Sick by Ne-Yo. Katy Perry, who was a judge for his audition, was the only person to say no and that he just wasn't ready, and Niall responded by saying that he wouldn't let her down throughout the rest of the show. Zayn Malik, auditioned by singing Let Me Love You by Mario. They spelled Zayn's name wrong the first time he came on the show, (his name is actually spelled Zain) so he just went on with spelling his name that way and even now, he still spells it like that. Zayn had said after, that his mum actually had to force him to get out of bed at 5am to audition. "Imagine if I would've never got out of bed that day." Liam Payne sang Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake. A lot of people think that if it wasn't for all the high notes Liam had sang, he wouldn't have made it through to the next round. Lastly, Louis Tomlinson preformed Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T's. Every one of them got kicked out, until they called them all back together on stage to form what is now "One Direction."

The Video Below:

Harry's Audtion 0:00

Niall's Audition 2:45

Zayn's Audition 3:52

Louis' Audition 4:32

Liam's Audition 5:05

One direction's audition (as individuals)

their lives before the x factor

Harry Styles was born in Holmes Chapel England in 1994. He was raised there and attended the local schools. At age 16, Harry got a job at the local bakery where he formed friendships with all of his co workers. Harry was 15 years old when he formed the band White Eskimo. Together, the band won a citywide battle of the bands competition. Although Harry knew he loved music from an early age, this band idea interested him and he decide he wanted to pursuit his career in Music. In 2010, Harry set out with the support of his family to audition for a reality singing show called the X-Factor. Unknowingly, he left behind a world of opportunities that he had. Harry was a very intelligent boy throughout school, and graduated high school at age 16! Before his audition, he was going to start at Uni, or university, majoring in "Law, Sociology, Business, and something else but I'm not sure yet," he had said before his audition. Little did he know his audition would lead him to a million dollar prize. Liam Payne was born on August 29, 1993, in Wolverhampton, England. Liam wasn't popular at all before he became famous, in fact, for his 16th birthday, nobody attended. Linked below this paragraph is a comparison picture between Liams birthday last year and Liams birthday this year. In 2009 he spent his birthday alone, but in 2014, he spent his birthday with 10,000 people who loved him. Before the X Factor, Liam had been attending schools and had just enrolled in the City of Wolverhampton College to study music technology. Louis Tomlinson was born on December 24, 1991, in Yourkshire England. Louis was always interesting in singing and acting, always trying to jump start his career. Tomlinson began his career as an actor, initially appearing in a drama called "Fat Friends" an extra. He also went on to appear in another ITV drama film called "If I had You" and then another drama "Waterloo road." Then lastly in 2010 Louis auditioned for the X Factor, becoming a founding member of One Direction. The last member of One Direction's name is Niall Horan. Niall was born in Mullingar Ireland on September 13, 1993. Niall attended local schools and then auditioned for the XFactor in 2010, jump starting his one Direction Career.
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During X-Factor

Harry continued to impress the voting population for several voting rounds of the television show. He lasted all the way into the "Judges Houses" round. Sadly, he couldn't appeal to the judges one last time, alone. But, after pulling Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne to the side to be Separately judged. "We think it would be a great idea, to have two separate groups... We've decided to put you both through to the Judges houses." This being said by Simon Cowell. The boys teamed up and became a group. Which Harry Styles suggested be called One Direction. The boys continued with their X factor career and made it into the final three. During this round, they were voted into third place. To their surprise, the band was confronted by one of the judges, Simon Cowell. He offered them a 5 year deal with his record label, and they accepted. That was not near the end of One Direction.


If you didn't know already, "shipping" something means that they aren't actually a couple but you want them to be. A lot of One Direction fans "ship" the boys being couples. Although nothing has ever been confirmed by the boys themselves, and most of them currently have girlfriends, proving not to be homosexual. But, some fans still think that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are a couple. Their ship name being Larry Stylinson, combining their names. This "theory" was created completely by fans, never been proven real. Louis and Harry just have a close bromance is all. People think that because they wrote the song They Don't Know About Us together means they are hiding their relationship from the public. When you are forced to be with the same 5 people almost everyday, you would probably have a close relationship with them. That's all there is to it.


One Directions first album, Up All Night, had many accomplishments. It was released in November 2011, only being written 4 months after their departure of The X Factor in December 2010. It charted at #1 in 17 different countries and has 5 million worldwide sales.

Take Me Home, their sophomore album, was even more successful. It was released November 13, 2012. This album was #1 in 17 different countries as of the first week of release and won multiple awards including an AMA in 2013.

Midnight Memories, the third studio album, was released on November 25, 2013. It was #1 in 19 countries as of the first week of release. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart, which made history for the band. One Direction are the only group in the 58 year Billboard History that have had their first 3 albums arrive at the top of the charts.

FOUR is the latest album. They named it FOUR because its their fourth album, and they’ve been a band for four years. Only two singles (Steal My Girl and Night Changes) have been released as singles so far off the album, but they plan to release Ready To Run later this year as a single. It came at #1 in 18 different countries as of the first week of release. FOUR is the second largest sales of 2014 with 387,000 sales in the first week. They came behind Taylor Swifts 1989 which sold 1.287 million copies. They also became one of only 6 musicians to have all 4 albums hit #1, accompanied by Beyonce, DMX, the Kingston Trio, the Monkees, and Britney Spears.


Usually, their tours correlate to their most recent album release. The Up All Night Tour was their first tour promoting their first album, Up All Night. It started on December 18, 2011 and ended on July 1, 2012. There 53 shows in total on this tour. During this tour, they filmed a show that was at the International Centrein, Bournemouth This concert film documented not only the whole concert, but also exclusive backstage access. The setlist includes 14 of their songs off the album.

Their next tour, The Take Me Home Tour, started February 23 and ended November 3 of 2013. There were a total of 123 shows on this tour, including 4 legs of the tour. They sold out six shows at the O2 Area in London. Parts of this tour were documented on the One Direction movie, This Is Us. Overall, this tour earned about $114 million, while their Up All Night Tour only grossed about $5 million. The setlist included about 14 songs off Take Me Home, but 22 songs in all.

In 2014, they announced their Where We Are Tour to promote their new album, Midnight Memories. There were 69 shows in all throughout the whole tour. With 3.4 million people attending, it grossed about $290 million dollars. Australian rock band 5 Seconds of Summer were the opening act for the UK, the US, and Europe. Their movie Where We Are: Live From San Siro Stadium, was a concert movie documenting the whole concert at San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy.

Their most recent tour, On The Road Again, started on February 7, 2015 and is scheduled to end October 31, 2015. They are said to be playing 80 shows in 6 different legs of the show. On March 19, Zayn Malik announced that he would be taking a break from the tour to fly back to Europe and make things right with his longtime fianceé, Perrie Edwards, after being accused of cheating on her. Six days later, Zayn left the band. His last performance was in Hong Kong, on March 18.

Below is a promotional picture that they used to advertise One Direction coming to Miller Park on August 25, 2015.

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Meeting them

So, typically meeting someone famous would include a picture with them and maybe a hug. But not with Harry Styles. First of all, there is always a hug, which usually last a long period of time. The average hug time with Harry styles is 4.2 seconds. That's only an average though. Second of all, Harry shows his interest in fans by giving a silly picture with them and I quick kiss on the cheek. If Harry seriously likes a fan, he will do three things. 1. He will give you the normal hug, kiss and picture. 2. Before you leave he will say he loves you. 3. Before you leave he will ask your first name and your twitter, or a popular social media website, username. The statistics of meeting one direction without VIP tickets is a 18% chance at a normal concert. With backstage passes, there is a 76% chance to meet and greet them. Some people however, have different ways of meeting the boys. In 2012 on the Take Me Home Tour, a girl named Alyssa Peters snuck onto the tour bus. She spent the concert hiding in Harry's bed. When they returned to the bus and discovered the girl, Harry was nice enough to give her a hug and a picture before she was escorted off the bus by security. Another girls crazy scheme was to jump up and run onto the stage. Once on the stage, she was carried off by the one and only Harry Styles, but was then taken off the stage and handed over to security. Anyways, it's been proven the best way to get to meet 1D is to get some VIP backstage passes and pay attention for them passing by!!

Jazzie's Reaction

I have known about One Direction since I heard their single come on the radio, and that single was called What Makes You Beautiful in 2012. I've known a lot about them, but researching them was really fun and I learned a lot more than I knew. I also liked seeing their auditions all together and reminiscing on their X-Factor expierence, since I haven't watched their auditions in a few years. I think One Direction are a great boyband and I think they will continue to be great and good influences to their fans all over the world.

Nicole's Reaction

I am a new fan of the popular band called One direction, but I have already fallen in love with each of them. Over the last year, I have fallen in love with these 5 boys. They became my life. These boys care more about their fans than anything, apart from Zayn. Watching them grow and watching them succeed has been the best experience of my life. Making edits, watching YouTube videos, etc. may seem like a waste of time, and it probably is, but I wouldn't change any of it ❤️.

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