Entreprenuerial Adventure

Part 2

How much money do we plan to raise?

We plan to double and or triple the amount of money with the fund raising ideas. We think this because the fundraisers we have chosen hit our audiences likes and wants very well in our opinion.

Production cost

With some rough estimation Megan and I have come down to what the final cost could come up to with every fundraiser

  • Bake sale - 1 cake mix makes to around 24 cupcakes, divided by roughly 400 people gives you 20 cake boxes to buy which costs around 20$ before tax. after you need icing which costs around 1$ per can, so you would need around 12 cans of icing which gives you 12$ to pay for the icing.... Total amount of money = $36.16 after taxes, And we plan on charging $2 per cupcake (big ones).
  • Freezie sale - A box of 30 freezies is $15, if you divide 400 by 30 is around 13 to 14 boxes which gives you $210 worth of freezies you would need to buy per week. If you decide to sell freezies every friday in a month it would cost around $840 for the entire month.
  • Ice Cream Bar - A tub of ice cream makes about 15-20 single scoops. If you multiply 20 with 2 you get 40. 400 divided by 40 gives you about 10-11 tubs of ice cream to buy. Each tub of ice cream costs around $4 so it would cost you $40 to buy all the ice cream, then you would have to buy the oreos, sprinkles etc...
  • Lemonade Stand - A carton of lemonade juice is around $1-2 and gives you around 10-12 paper cups of juice. 400 divided by 12 gives you around 33-34 cartons of lemonade juice. 33 x 2 = $66. therefor the total cot of cartons is $74.58 after tax.
  • A 5th Dance - To have a fifth dance would depend on what holiday we decide to have it on or if we decide to have it in the spring. If we decide to have a spring dance we could make our own decorations or if we have an easter dance we can make some of our own decorations and buy some from the dollar store. The drink and snacks they could go up to around 150$.

Market Appeal

As everyone knows a product may be amazing all on its own, but without market appeal the product is not as recognized. We have thought of many ways make our products appeal to our audience, such as;

  • Posters - Posters are a great way to market your product visually. Making catchy phrases such as " Freezie Friday" is good and easy way to remember things. Making vibrant coloured posters would for sure catch peoples attention, causing them to take the time and read your poster.
  • Announcements - Morning and afternoon announcements is a way to get everyone in the school knowing about your fundraiser. Going to the office with a prepared fun speech to read over the announcements will have your product marketed in a much faster and easier pace.
  • Whats the trend? - Finding out whats in trend now is a great way to get your audiance wanting your product. For example making things that people like such as minions will have people more interested in your product which will most likely get them buying it


  • Bake sale - Estimated Profit = roughly $800-900
  • Freezie sale - Estimated Profit = roughly $400 per week
  • Ice Cream Bar - Estimated Profit = a minimum of $800
  • Lemonade stand - Estimated Profit = roughly $400
  • A 5th dance - Estimated Profit = a minimum of $800

We also would

We also would love to team up with anyone else who has the same idea's or would like to join in with us on any of our fundraisers

This concludes our proposal thanks for listening!