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January 2021

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On Thursday, January 14th, Impact100 Wichita Falls announced the total number of women who joined the organization or renewed their membership during the 2021 membership drive, resulting in one $81,000 grant to a nonprofit organization in the greater Wichita Falls, to be given on Thursday, June 10th during THE BIG GIVE. We are thrilled to make this announcement on behalf of the 81 members of Impact100 Wichita Falls, especially during a trying time when the nonprofit and financial landscapes are ever-changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Here's the Reveal Announcement and coverage of the virtual event.

Thank you, KAUZ, for your talented and gracious creative and news departments for sharing the Impact100 message and being champions of our Mission.

Making our work possible

We are especially grateful to local Supporters of Impact100 Wichita Falls who extend our efforts. Our operational costs are covered by donations from sources other than members' $1,000 donations, as 100% of each Member's contribution is designated for grant funding. Please join us in thanking these entities.


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Charitable 501(c)(3) organizations interested in applying for the 2021 Impact100 Wichita Falls grant will have until Friday, March 5th to complete the online application. Interested nonprofits are encouraged to review the grant criteria and FAQs to determine eligibility before applying.

Eligible applicants are also encouraged to attend the virtual informational workshop scheduled for this Tuesday, January 26th at Noon. For questions specific to this event or the grants process email the Grants Team.

The Five Focus Areas

Impact100 grants are awarded in the areas of Arts & Culture, Education, Environment, Family, and Health & Wellness. Applicant organizations are asked to select the one category that best fits their project and/or request for funding.

Focus Area Committee work is driven by members teams and will begin after March 5th when grant applications are due. The five Focus Area Committees will meet for preliminary discussions in March, conduct site visits and engage in strategic decision making in April, and then render a finalist in early May. All five Finalists will be announced on May 19th.

For more information on the grants process, please visit the Grants Tab on our website.


Wait a minute...What's a giving circle?

provided by Philanos, a national organization committed to accelerating philanthropy through women's collective giving

Collective giving circles are an opportunity for women to join together to pool their financial resources collectively, decide how to distribute them in the form of grants to nonprofit organizations with the goal of strengthening their communities. All you need are members, a financial commitment, and issues in your community that concern you.

In Wichita Falls, we have selected the Impact100 Model to structure and guide our organization. And we are part of a 60+ member chapter collective across the United States beyond with the Impact100 model successfully at work. Our local mission is to empower women to transform our community through collective philanthropic investment.

Impact100 Wichita Falls is an affiliate member of both the Impact100 Global Council and Philanos.


We're digging deeper in 2021 to build member understanding of our organization and nonprofit community, women's leadership, and philanthropy trends. Here's a first quarter list of opportunities:

January 28th - New Member Orientation

February 9th and 11th - Focus Area Committee Training

February 25th - Member Survey Highlights & Next Steps

March 25th - Financial Literacy 101

March through May - Focus Area Committee Work with nonprofits

Projected second quarter events are: Reading & Interpreting Nonprofit Financials, Dialoguing with the 2021 Finalists, and Economic Issues Facing North Texas Women.

How do YOU define impact?

The TOTAL impact of Impact100 Wichita Falls is multi-faceted and not found solely in the amount associated with the annual grant (although that's a big one!). Let's hear other impact points from Impact100 members as they expand their journeys as philanthropists.
  • "As a member of Impact100, I'm a part of something bigger than me. I couldn't give $59,000 to one organization, but as a member, I can be a part of a $59,000 transformational grant to help an organization double their service capacity like we did for The Arc of Wichita County last year."
  • "During 2020 I learned more about the nonprofit community. I was able to summarize their projects and share needs on their wish lists. I personally gave to a few organizations that I learned about through my Focus Area Committee work."
  • "I've met many dynamic women through online work over the past year. We each have a depth of experience we bring to this organization, and I can't wait to learn more from others in the new year."

Impact100 empowers women through these and many other channels. It is our goal to continue building member capacity for our members to:

  • Give strategically, based on solid research and active engagement;
  • Serve as leaders, volunteers, and advocates for nonprofits in the community; and
  • Learn more about women's leadership and philanthropy.

Each of these components expands our impact ripple by ripple as we work to partner with nonprofit organizations to help facilitate social change in our community.


Interested in learning more about engaging in the work of Impact100 and meeting some of our remarkable members? We've planned some community events for you to do just that. We'll also be offering some of these as concurrent sessions virtually. We hope to see you somewhere this spring!

February 2nd, 6:00 PM - Sikes Lake Walk

February 20th, 2:00 PM - Yoga in the Park

March 4th - Art Walk at The Burn Shop

March 17th - Wine Wednesday at Karat Bar & Bistro

April 1st - Art Walk at The Burn Shop

April 7th - Wine Wednesday, location TBA

April 9th, 2:00 - WF Art Association Gallery Exhibit

For more information, contact Rachel Reitan (940.782.1439).

Be sure you're checking the Impact100 Facebook page for the most current event information, inclusive of potential cancellations due to the pandemic. In all gatherings, we respectfully ask that you follow CDC guidelines for continued precautions to protect the health and safety of our members and community at-large. Thank you in advance.

THE BIG GIVE - June 10, 2021

Join Impact100 members on Thursday, June 10th to hear from Finalists and to cast your vote for which organization will be awarded this year's $81,000 grant. More details to follow!

By popular request...2022 payment plans!

Many women have voiced interest in joining Impact100, but have simultaneously voiced concern of paying $1,000 in lump sum, especially at year-end when our recruitment campaign closes. We've also heard women say repeatedly that $83.00/month over a year's time is much more feasible for financial purposes. In efforts to be responsive, we've created payment plans specific to your needs.

At this time, we're asking those interested in this arrangement to directly contact our Treasurer, Jessica Traw for next steps. Our website will be updated with this capacity very soon!


Trust-Based Philanthropy

The Trust-Based Philanthropy Project is a peer-to-peer learning and advocacy initiative to make trust-based practices the norm in philanthropy. Recognizing the inherent power imbalance between funders and nonprofits, we believe philanthropy will be more successful, rewarding, and effective if funders approach their grantee relationships from a place of trust, humility and transparency. Take some time to further explore the guiding principles.

After this year's spring grant cycle, the Board of Impact100 Wichita Falls is going to initiate strategic discussions, involving the membership and nonprofit community, as to how we can begin embedding more trust-based philanthropy principles in our process. So get familiar with this approach and be ready for those dialogues!


Have You Visited Our NEW Website?

Be sure to visit our new website as your source for all things Impact:

  • Grant cycle updates
  • Membership information including payment options & plans for 2022
  • Easy event navigation
  • Follow our timeline and process
  • Track our community impact by organizations

You can also follow us on Facebook & Instagram! (@Impact100WF)

Impact100 Global Council News

Impact100 is a collective force for good; uniting and empowering women to give together, creating transformational impact, locally and globally. Click here to check out Impact100 latest news, success stories, and newsletters.

Also upcoming is the 20th Anniversary Global Conference to be held virtually on March 2-4th. Members will have the opportunity to learn from leaders around the globe with shared insights, best practices, and tools to apply immediately ALL while celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Impact100 movement. Members can click here for more information about the conference, including registration.

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