Vegetable Garden Ministry

Weekly Newsletter 7/18/19

Upcoming Events:

Saturday Gardening

Saturday, July 20th, 7:30am

Saint Michael Vegetable Garden

Beat the heat with an early start time!

A few requests

If you have time, please help pick Asian beans. They can be harvested daily. Our usual harvester (Ofel) is out of town. :)

Also, Mary has requested assistance with watering her box this week. Please lend a helping hand! Thank you.

Photo Gallery

How many muskmelons can you find in this picture?

Big picture
Answer: 5
Big picture


resorts to mowing where weeding has failed.
Photos & captions provided by Helen Bradley. Thank you! :)

Need Urgent Assistance?

Contact the Vegetable Garden Ministry Leaders:

  • Bill Collins 817-832-2448 OR
  • Weldon Norman 817-360-1035