7th Grade Delta - Rogue Robotics

We had a great day!

FLL Competition

I wanted to send some pictures of our team from the competition; I was very proud of all of the students! We are very fortunate that our district financially supports this competition for Delta students. After the competition, we spent some time reflecting on the opportunities and experiences that the FLL Project/Robot/Missions/Core Values had to offer. We worked very hard getting ready for the competition; this was an excellent real life learning project / educational discovery opportunity. The student's experiences included researching trash/ recycling, designing/ ordering a team t shirt, building a robot, programming missions, writing a script, performing a skit and working together as a team! They spent countless hours getting ready for this event, recognizing and meeting deadlines, getting organized for the competition, and meeting the bus at 6:15 am! Every year our teams are beginners and accomplish so much! Here are the pictures from our great day and I will also include the student reflections!

Enjoy the holidays with your family. I will send a newsletter in January about our upcoming projects in class.

Student reflections from FLL:

Helped us with teamwork and leadership skills

Helped us recognize the environmental issues and try to help fix them

Problem solving - lots of trial and error and calculating

Working with a team helps us prepare for life

Planning is the most important thing of all

I developed better researching skills

I had to ask for help

Attend the FLL workshops, I used to be intimidated by programming but now I am not

Meeting deadlines

Sometimes you have to take things home and do it on your own time

You don't have as much time as you think, you need to stay busy and be productive