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2020-21 School Year: Remote Learning Edition

February 1- February 5, 2021

2nd Semester Kick Off Info

2nd Semester Info

  • Students, on Friday 1/29 you should have received an email from your Family teacher with your Zoom link invite for Monday.
  • On 2/1 we have a special 1 hour Family Class, 10:30-11:30AM to kick of 2nd Semester.
  • On Monday, 2/1 students will receive emails from your 2nd semester teachers with zoom invites for your class periods. Please be on the lookout for these important emails.
  • Athletics for season 1 begin Monday 2/8 as well, see below for more info.

One Key point to remember regarding the schedule, we continue on our current 3 period bell schedule as we begin the semester! See below for a few visuals.


Brandon Bakke


Important Events and Dates of Note

NOTE: Fife High News is moving back to its original every 2 week format.

Mon Feb 1

  • 2nd Semester Begins
  • Family Class 10:30-11:30PM
  • Senior Deadline for Senior Portraits and Baby Picture Yearbook submission (see below)
  • Zoom invites from teachers for 2nd semester emailed to students
  • Athletics for season 1 begin, see below for more info.

Tues Feb 2

  • Regular Tuesday schedule periods 1-3

Wed Feb 3

  • Regular Tuesday schedule periods 4-6

Thurs Feb 4

  • Regular Tuesday schedule periods 1-3

Fri Feb 5

  • Regular Tuesday schedule periods 4-6

Reminders and Info for this Week!

Big picture
Big picture

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