New Smart Baby Monitor

You will always be with your child

It's a new app available for iOS and Android.

You can go everywhere You want and see what your child is doing at this moment. All You need are download the app from App Store for iOS or Play Market for Android and buy a camera. Like on the photo.

More information about this app You can find on the video below.

Video presentation of the Smart Baby Monitor by Withings

There are some general information about Baby Sitters

Baby monitors are a form of one-way radio, allowing parents to hear their children from several rooms away. This allows adults to be sure that their children are safe, and notify them when there is something going wrong. With technology improving rapidly, manufacturers are using these advances to improve the functionality of their monitors. They are using new technologies to not only determine if the child is making noise, but if they are moving, and some have wireless video to allow you to watch your child.

These items have been popular for a number of years, due to the low costs, and high level of efficiency they provide. They allow parents to remain several rooms away while their children are sleeping, and perform other activities such as sleeping, that they have been recently deprived of. While these items won't directly protect children, it may reassure parents that there are no problems. They have not been proven to prevent infant deaths, however they do allow parents to possibly prevent breathing problems by keeping them updated with the health of their baby.