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Unit 09 Working With Others

Ruksana Begum 30/07/2014

Benefits of working with Others

Sharing Ideas provides motivation- not wanting to let the team down Support-the more experienced members of the team can help those who may be less experienced.By working together as a team the work is more likely to get done quicker saving time and money.Taking on other people's  ideas and opinions will make them feel valued and improve the overall communication between the team members.
Inspirational - Team Building - Work Related uplifting
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Behaviours and attitudes which support innovation

Being positive will help you to plan ahead and not let negative things get you down.Optimism will help an individual to keep focused on the positive things and not get put off track by things which may affect the project.Being versatile will mean that you are able to adapt to new changes and be capable of doing many things.Being creative will mean that you are able to create new things and come up with new ideas, also by being creative you will be able to think up solutions if the plan doesnt go the way you have wanted it to come out. Being patient will help you, when for example you dont agree with some changes whereas the rest of your colleagues may be happy with the changes, being patient and taking some time to understand why those changes are being made and the positives that may come from those changes will help you get through.