Why go to Disney ?

All the reasons to go on this magical trip & my experience

Before Disneyland

Personally , being in Colorguard, our Winterguard season ends right before spring break which meant we only had about 3 weeks to learn our routine, opposed to having over two months to learn and perfect our parade routine like we do during marching season . We came back after spring break and it was our first Disneyland practice . Jen then announced the Disneyland rifle line and I was really happy for her to have chosen me. Since the rest of the girls have, had months before to learn technique on weapon, learn basics, had judges cirque their spinning and had time to improve and I hadn't had any of it so I was really stressed. It was really intimidating and scary for me . I asked a section leader how I felt in hope of receiving help and all she said was "you'll be fine". I then told Sydney and she helped me out so much, she would tell she do to the whole routine and she would tell me what I needed to work on and what was good. She was never mean or rude to me , she was always encouraging and motivating.She encouraged me everyday to keep working hard and told me to keep practicing so I did and took a rifle home and practiced everyday. Soon came our last practice and I was so excited and ready to march the parade.

My Disneyland Experience

On the Road & Medieval Times

First reason you should go is because the fun doesn't start at Disneyland. On the bus ride there, we first stopped for a bathroom break then we rode a little more , we then stopped in Cattlemen City for lunch and then we were on the road again. While on the bus I had some really funny and interesting conversations with the people around me, and got to know them a lot better then I had before. We watched a lot of movies and all complained about traffic together.

After the horrible traffic we finally made it to Medieval Times in Buena Park. We got off and we were all given different colored crowns which represented which kingdom we were from. During the tournament we were fed but the unique part was we got no utensils to eat our food with, our tomato soup was in a bowl with a handle like a spoon. We ate our main course which was chicken, potato and corn with our hands. It was very messy but definitely an experience i'll never forget. During the tournament we had to cheer on our kingdom's knight, which was really fun because my whole table got really into it, like at a football game or any other sporting game , it was really fun to just get into it and cheer on our team or in this case knight. After the tournament was over we got to take pictures with the knights and have them sign our crowns. We then meet up at the buses and were on our way to the hotel in Anaheim. We unpacked everything, went into Room Chewbecca and got ready for the next day.

Our Time in the Parks

We woke everyday early so we had time to get ready. After we were done getting ready we went downstairs to get our free breakfast. Yes free delicious, warm, breakfast. After we finished eating we went to the buses , got on and were on our way to Disneyland. The first day the whole guard decided to go on Tower of Terror together as the first ride. Kimmy brought us all baby hands for our photo. Since the park had just opened the wait line was only 3 minutes which was really great.It was my first time on that ride so I was really scared about going on, we soon got on and kimmy passed out the baby hands. We got on and I'm so disappointed that they're closing the ride, since I would have loved to recreate our photo senior year. But, nevertheless it was a great way to start the day. the rest of the days we spent taking photos and going on rides. I ave so many memories that I will forever cherish. For example, the first day the orchestra had they're clinic, so Citlalli asked me to hold her bag during the clinic. She texted me right after she got out of the clinic and said she was about to come back in Disneyland and we just boarding the Finding Nemo Ride. She though she had her ticket in her phone case but it was really in her wallet which was with me. Citlalli was calling me and texting me to come to the front with her bag but I wasn't getting any service in the ride. While we were on the ride it just so happened that her phone died and she was stuck outside the park. She had no way to prove it. She asked Tania if she could call me but , Tania had my old phone number saved so they ended up calling someone in Sacramento instead of me . So she had to ask another girl in the orchestra to borrow her phone, log into her snapchat and see my story where we took photos together that same day with Snow White. Or another good memory I have is to make the lines less boring we downloaded Charades on our phones and the guesses and acting were hilarious.

The Happiest Parade on Earth

On the second day of our trip we had our parade. It was so cool going backstage and seeing where the workers go on their breaks and have lunch and seeing where the new Star Wars land is being build. We had 15 minutes to get unto uniform. Izzy made us these adorable minnie bows for our two hair buns so it looked like we were wearing minnie ears. As soon as we were warmed up we got to the gates right next to its a small world and as soon as the gates opened there was this like almost overwhelming noise but everyone was waving and recording us and cheering us on. My favorite part and the memorable part of the parade for me was on Main Street. I could see that there was no one around where we were going to be waving except for three little kids sitting on the curb and their mother so i deiced I would wave lower at them. So I did as soon as I waved the two boys waved back at me and the little girl got so happy and started pointing at me and saying "mommy she said hi to me" and for some reason that made so happy and its something i'll treasure forever.
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Photo courtesy of Rae Lynn Photography

Would I do it all over again ?

Heck yes I would! I had so much fun those couple of days, and I was so happy during all of it, I was tired but I didn't care I was so happy it didn't bother me. Performing there made me nervous because I didn't want to mess up , but there's no pressure of you losing the competition, or lowing the score for your team, its ll pure fun, you're bring even more happiness into the parks and entertaining the guests there. I loved performing at Disneyland and meeting all the characters, and loved the ride there, the dinner everything , there's not one thing I would change. I couldn't imagine anyone not wanting to go , or them regretting going. It's honestly a once in a lifetime opportunity, besides the band no one else in our school can say they've marched a parade in Disneyland which should show how rare of an opportunity it is. So yes I would do it all over again if I had the chance.