4th Grade's Adventure

First Quarter Reflections

My Greatest Accomplishment

My greatest accomplishment is Fear Fest. Fear Fest was really hard. When it started I was nervous, but after the first show I was fine. I was nervous for when we presented to our parents. In the end, Fear Fest was really fun and it was worth a lot of my time.

My Greatest Challenge

My greatest challenge was also my greatest accomplishment, Fear Fest. It was a challenge because we had to do a lot of work. Wouldn't you agree that a lot work is a challenge? I would think so. But, I did make a few mistakes when I did this challenge. Her are some of the mistakes.

  • In Fear Fest I played some of the sound effects wrong
  • In one of the perfomances I came on stage too early.

My Goal for the Next Quarter

Here is my goal.

  • My goal is to get good grades and make writing with the 6 traits.
  • This goal is important because nobody likes bad writing/grades. Right?
  • I will make this happen by using the 6 traits in my work to get good grades.