Preschool Ideas 2015/2016

Hi Guys

First of all, thanks for joining me on my first year teaching preschool here at my house. It's been great in a lot of ways, and there's been a few hiccups too. I appreciate you sticking it out, and now if you have a minute, I'd like your help to improve.

I'm figuring out some things for preschool next year, and as I sit here alone at my computer and try and figure out what to change or work on, I realize that the most valuable people to ask would be you guys. I've attached a little survey to fill out, totally not mandatory, but if you have minute and an opinion I'd like to hear it. None of the questions are mandatory either, so you can skip over any parts you want.

Two things...
1. Keep it nice (pretty please). Hopefully if you've had a major issue you've felt comfortable enough to come and talk to me about it and if for some reason you've have unresolved frustrations (hopefully not), I'd much rather discuss them face to face. I'm looking here mostly helpful suggestions moving on for next year on what I can do to improve you and your preschoolers experience.

2. I value your input, but since everyone has different opinions I can't please everyone all the time, as much as Id really really like to.

Thanks again, and I hope you're all having a lovely Spring Break!