Irish holidays

St'Patrick's day

Saint Patrick

For Ireland St. Patrick's is a day of pride, tradition and celebrations.

It is a national holiday in Ireland, celebrated in all the cities, towns and villages ... and more! It is also celebrated in many other countries, like in America! It is the day when the world does not think of anything else that green.But if you really want to fully experience the excitement of this important day, you have to come in Ireland: St. Patrick's Day in Ireland is a unique and special day

customs and symbols

This anniversary is celebrated by people of all ages and nationalities in pubs or on the street, usually wearing green clothes since green is the dominant color on this day because it is the color of clover symbol of ricorrenza. In this day you drink colored beer green, and given that the party is in Lent you can break the fast for this day.But perhaps not everyone knows that St. Patrick , in reality, was Scottish .That first feast of St. Patrik is not carried out across Ireland, but rather one in 1737 in Boston .

St. Patrick's day in Italy

In Italy grows more and more the love of Celtic culture and everything to do with Ireland.

Consequently, the celebrations for St. Patrick are spreading all over the country: not only the Irish pub organizes theme parties, but the big festival for St. Patrick's Day is a more established company that is renewed every year with busy schedules music, rivers of beer and Irish food!

Those reported in this section are the most important events related to St. Patrick in Italy

clover symbol

drowns your clover

To be easily 'adopted' an Irish celebration St Patrick's the shortest way is to exhibit a distinctive clover-shaped. You can get one at the Irish charity Goal Association .n In any case, once the badge worn must 'affogarlo'.la thing is not as gory as it sounds: all you need is a bottle and some friends. Try the Irish closest (in Italy are more than the same Irish) and drowned your shamrock in a good pint of beer. You might be involved in a jam session with musicians or, if the drink is good, you start the next one you.

St. Patrick's Day Parade - Dublin