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Nicholas Conrad

Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineers job is usually inside a manufacturing company making stuff and using technology. But in order to get there you must have a Bachelor's degree. My future in mechanical engineering is at a pretty good chance with a predicated 5% job growth and an estimated 277,500 jobs in the US. The average wage for a mechanical engineer is $40.19 an hour and $83,950 a year.
What is Mechanical Engineering?


I think it would be cool to be a lawyer since that's what my aunt is in college for. But to get there I would need and Education Doctoral or Professional degree. As a lawyer I would get $55.69 per hour and a yearly salary of $115,820. The job outlook for a lawyer is 6% in the future.
Steps to Becoming a Lawyer


An author writes books for a living to become a author you need a Bachelors degree. You get paid $28.97 per hour and $60,250 per year. The job outlook for a author is only 2% which is slower than average so I'll need to work really hard if I plan to be an author in the future.
Jeff Kinney's Advice - How to Become an Author!