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Serving People Affected by Trauma

You can see it on the faces of families and individuals depicted on our recent news cycles. Fear and devastation take the spotlight as many thousands face the effects of hurricanes Henry and Irma. In Texas, Florida and surrounding states, many people are in shelters and relative's houses facing a future without a place to go home to and with very few possessions not destroyed. It's easy to see the faces of these people in trauma and desire to help. Our news cycles will not let us look away and forget them. And we should help them. We should not forget their faces.

In our local communities, there are also individuals and families facing trauma every day and yet they often go unnoticed. A family in poverty who cannot make rent with the loss of a job are faced to find a safe place in their car to spend the night. A child who has been taken away from parents due to abuse and neglect must face the trauma of leaving everything he has ever known when he is brought to a foster home with new smells, strangers and fears. A refugee teenager who can't sleep at night because when he closes his eyes, he is brought back to the terror of a war he has escaped. A young women who has been exploited and medicates herself with drugs in order to escape emotional triggers of her past that lead her down a dark road of despair. Trauma is all around us and it is mostly invisible. What can we do to serve those around us affected by trauma? The answer is never easy. But we can pray and seek to find answers as we follow a God of redemption. May your path be one that loves and serves vulnerable people affected by trauma.

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Meeting the Needs of Kids and Families

Are you looking for a quick way to view and meet needs of vulnerable kids and families in our region? Defending the Cause Regional Alliance is hosting a needs database that shows real time needs that you can meet! Software created by "Meet the Need" makes it easy to connect volunteers (like you!) with needs from agencies and non-profits throughout the community who are directly working with vulnerable kids. Sign up is easy and needs are great for individuals, small groups or whole church bodies to serve!

Q Commons Sacramento- Healing our Divided Nation

In this season of division and disagreement, now is the time to come together to be part of the solution. Join Q Commons on Thursday, October 26, 2017, from 7:00 - 9:00, as we gather at Sacramento State Alumni Center to learn and consider how to faithfully engage our cultural moment and bring hope and leadership to your community. National speakers include David Brooks (Cultivating Virtue), Kara Powell (Confronting Our Technology Addiction) and Propaganda (Our Complicated Moment).

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