An example of progress

Why Ireland is an example of progress?

Because before, there are a lot of troubles with the catholic and the protestants, and now, in Ireland, the troubles end, there is peace in the land.

Examples of terrorism nowadays

Malala story, the Talibans killing nearly hearly 140 children while at school in Pakistan just before Christmas, Charlie Hebdo...

Now, we're going to explain a bit more.

Terrorism, not only in Ireland

Malala, It was shot in the face by the islamist when it was going to the school, she is the youngest woman to win the nobel prize of peace


The Taliban entered in a military school in the northwest of Pakistan and murdered to shots at least 141 persons, the majority of they children, in one of the most deadly assaults of the country in the last weeks.

Charlie Hebdo,

The attempt on Charlie Hebdo, satirical French weekly, was a gunfire carried out in the city of Paris on January 7, 2015, when two men masked and armed with rifles of assault and other weapon entered the offices of the above mentioned weekly. Killing 11 persons and hurting other 11 and shouting " Al·lahu-àkbar " (' God is the biggest ') during the assault. Also they killed an official of the State police of France little later. The assailants identified like belonging to Al Qaeda's branch, everything, because the weekly published a picture of the prophet Mohammed saying " 100 lashes if you do not die of laugh ", which provoked the ire of the terrorists.

Ways to fight terrorism

The terrorism can be stopped negotiating with the terrorists and, coming to agreements with them, there can be avoided destructions and the deaths of many people.