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December 11, 2015 Ms. Ronda & Ms. Lisa

A Glance into Room 325

This week our theme has been Gifts and Surprises, so we can't give you lots of details! We have been busy making gifts and cards, but no hints! We have had some time this week with Ms. Renee and language groups. We heard the story If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and practiced answering "wh" questions. Some students were even stretched a bit further to compare how things were alike or different in the story. We also had a small group lesson on numerals and counting with a game called "Roll and Cover." On Friday, we had a day of fun creating gingerbread houses and trees. Thanks so much for your generous donations for the gingerbread houses and for wrapping paper and tape for the Gift Wrap Station. Here are some of the Desired Results Developmental Profile Indicators we used:
  • responsible conduct as a group member
  • using and understanding language (receptive and expressive)
  • sociodramatic play with peers
  • number sense of quantity and counting

Spontaneous Sharing

Love how this sharing of a paper and paints happened spontaneously! One friend joined another and began to paint, and guess what?! There was NO complaining, NO grabbing, just acceptance and openness to a play opportunity. Love when that happens in our classroom!
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Wrapping Station

Thanks for the generous donations that you have sent us. We are loving this area and practicing functional skills.

Animated Alphabet

We have learned about several letters so far this year. We have met the characters that correspond with the letters P, U, O, M, X, A, D, T, S, R and H. This week, we met Hippy Hippo. He likes to say /h/, and his special action is humming his harmonica. Look for the letter H around your house and ask your child to tell you the sound of h and feel the "heat" on his/her hand. Make sure that you are going back through your Animated Alphabet "book" to color and review the letters.

Looking Ahead....

  • Next week, we will enjoy some holiday fun with a movie day and pajamas and a party day. We will continue to explore the holiday season.
  • December 15th (Tuesday)--PJ Day and Movie Day--Wear your pajamas!
  • December 18th (Friday)--Party Day! You are welcome to join us for our parties at 11:40 and 3:45. Please remember to send your donations on or before Tuesday, December 15th. Thanks so much for your donations!
  • December 19th-January 4th--Winter Break

Every Child Together....